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*[ Foundation of the Hellenic World]
*[ Greek Archive Film Foundation]
== Historical Societies ==
'''National Hellenic Society'''
''Mailing address:''<br>
85 S. Bragg Street, Suite 201<br>
Alexandria, VA 22312<br>
''Telephone:'' 703-256-3180<br>
'''Greek National History Museum''' has much to offer relating to Greek history.
Old Palace<br>
Kolokotroni Square<br>
13 Stadiou Str<br>
Athens, 10561 <br>
''Address (in Greek):''<br>
Μέγαρο Παλαιάς Βουλής<br>
Πλατεία Κολοκοτρώνη<br>
Σταδίου 13<br>
Αθήνα, 10561<br>
''Telephone:'' 210-3237617, 210-3237315, 210-3222266 <br>
'''Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive Society'''
Agiou Andreou 5<br>
Athens, PC 10556<br>
''Address (Greek):''<br>
Αγίου Ανδρέου 5<br>
Αθήνα, Τ.Κ. 10556<br>
''Telephone:'' 210 - 3211149<br>
==Ethnic Heritage Societies==
*Wheeler, Mary Bray, ed. ''Directory of Historical Organizations in the United States and Canada''. 14th Edition. Nashville, Tennessee, USA: American Association for State and Local History, 1990. (FHL book 970 H24d 1990)
==Regional Societies==
Many regional societies in Greece are groups where people from a town or region associate and get news of others from the same area. For example, the society for Greeks from Pelasgia (Syllogos Pelasgioton) is located in Athens. Pelasgia is a town in the county Fthiotidos. There is also a society of Greeks from Fthiotidos (Syllogos Fthioton) county located in Athens. There are also societies of Greek immigrants who came from various localities in Greece. Identifying immigrant Greek societies from a particular region or town of Greece can be difficult. You can contact the Greek embassy for possible addresses of such groups. For example, there are organizations for Greeks from Kythira or Sparta. Additional information on societies and other sources of information about Greece are in:
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