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Most of these societies publish helpful periodicals, transcripts, and compiled genealogies, and they may have special indexes, collections, and projects. They may publish queries about Greek ancestors or maintain a list of members’ research interests. Some specialize in the immigrants to a specific area. You may find it helpful to join one of these societies and support their efforts.
== Genealogical Societies ==
The following societies may be of interest:
'''Hellenic Historic and Genealogical Service''' <br>''Website:''<br><br>'''Greek American Folklore Society''' <br>''Email:''<br>''Phone:'' 718-956-3544<br>''Website:''<br><br>'''''' Greece Message Boards.<br>Website:<br><br>'''Rootsweb''' has mailing lists for Greece.Website:<br><br>:'''Historical and Ethnological Society''' <br>''Address:'' <br>Old Palace <br>Constitution Square <br>Athens, Greece<br>''Website:''<br>''Email:''<br>''Telephone:'' +30 210 3237617 114<br>
:'''Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece''' <br>''Address:'' <br>3rd Septemvriou Street #56, Mouseion <br>Athens, Greece <br>Tel. 822-2077 <br>(Offices are open only on Thursdays 6–8 P.M.*[ '''Website''']
*[ '''Hellenic Communication Service''']
Note:Time in Greece is 7 hours ahead of eastern time, and 9 hours ahead of mountain time.
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