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Civil registration records are records of births, marriages, and deaths kept by the government. In Saxe- Coburg-Gotha (Sachsen-) Coburg-Gotha), they were started 1 January 1876. German terms for these records include ''Standesamtsregister'', ''Zivilstandsregister'', or ''Personenstandsregister''. They are an excellent source for information on names and dates and places of births, marriages, and deaths. These records are kept by the civil registrar (Standesbeamte) at the civil registry office (Standesamt). Study these links to learn what information can be found in them:
*[[Germany Civil Registration#Births (Geburtsregister)|'''Births (Geburtsregister)''']]
*[[Germany Civil Registration#Marriages (Heiraten, Ehen, or Trauungen)|'''Marriages (Heiraten, Ehen, or Trauungen)''']]
== Determining the Location of a Civil Registration Office ==
Research your town name in [ ''''''] to find the location of the registry office (''Standesamt''). It is indicated by the abbreviation '''"StdA"'''. <span style="color:DarkViolet">''''This is the Standesamt location you will use when searching for civil registration records anywhere in the FamilySearch catalog and collections. collections will also use this location name. Records in archives will use this location prior to the consolidation of registration offices in the 1970's.'''</span><br>
:*To e-mail the municipality to '''verify that the civil registry for your town is there'''.
::#Consult this address list for the exact contact information, which should include an e-mail address: [ '''''']. In the horizontal menu bar, hover over "+registry office" or "+Standesämter", then the name of the modern state, for a drop-down list of links to modern cilvil registrars.
::#Send a message asking whether you have the correct office for your ancestors' home town. You can also use e-mail to request records and arrange payment. Use the [[German Letter Writing Guide|'''German Letter Writing Guide''']] to write your questions in German.
to the subject of the record sought will be required in cases where the required time period has not yet elapsed. Even then, the records may be accessible if it can be shown that all "participating parties" have died at least 30 years ago. Participating parties are both parents and the child in birth records, and both spouses in a marriage.
==Finding Civil Registration Records ===1. Online Records==*[ Erfurt, Germany, birth register 1874-1901], index and images, ($). Includes records for: [ '''Bischleben'''], [ '''Molsdorf'''].*[ Erfurt, Germany, marriage register 1874-1900], index and images, ($). Includes records for: [ '''Bischleben'''], [ '''Molsdorf''']. *[ Erfurt, Germany, death records 1874-1935], index and images, ($). Includes records for: [ '''Bischleben'''], [ '''Molsdorf''']. =1=2. Digital Copies of Civil Registration From FamilySearch===
Try to find records in the collection of the FamilySearch Library. Many microfilms have been digitized for online viewing. Gradually, everything will be digitized, so check back occasionally. Some have viewing restrictions, and can only be viewed at the [ '''Family History Centers'''] near you, and/or by members of supporting organizations. To find records:
:::a. Click on the [ '''records of Germany, Saxe- (Sachsen-) Coburg-Gotha'''].:::b. Click on '''Places within Germany, Saxe- (Sachsen-) Coburg-Gotha''' and a list of towns will appear.
:::c. Click on your town. If the town or village is not listed, find the town in [ '''Meyer's Gazetteer]. See where the Standesamt (StdA.) was. It may have been in different place, because of the size of the town. Use the town found in Meyer's Gazetteer, not the current, merged office.
:::d. Click on the '''"Civil registration"''' topic, if available. Click on the blue links to specific record titles.
:::f. Some combination of these icons will appear at the far right of the microfilm listed for the record. [[File:FHL icons.png|75px]]. The magnifying glass indicates that the microfilm is indexed. Clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to the index. Clicking on the camera will take you to an online digital copy of the microfilm.
===23. Writing for Civil Registration Certificates===
Civil registration records for Germany can be obtained by writing to the local civil registry (Standesamt) or the district archives. Records may have been lost at one location of the other, so you might end up checking both. The first office you contact might choose to forward your request to the other location if necessary.<br>
====Local Standesamt Addresses====
*[ '''Standesamt Addresses for Thuringia''']*[ '''Standesamt Address for Coburg''']
Use this address format:<br>
*[ '''Click here''' ]for postal code help for Germany.
===State Archives===
*[ '''List of Thuringia (Thüringen) German Archives''']
===3Melderegister===Since 1874, there is an official registration of residential addresses in Germany. These data were collected by the police stations. They are kept in the civil registration office. Some offices keep them historically from their start. Other offices destroyed records for people once they died. These registration cards were available for each respective householder. Noted on the card were his wife and any children, dates of marriage or death, and a history of resident addresses. The value of these cards is their use to determine which civil registration office might hold birth, marriage, and death certificates for the family members. Follow the [[German Letter Writing Guide|German Letter Writing Guide]], and use questions 16 and 17 to request these records. ==4. Compiled and Published Secondary Sources===
You should make every effort to base your research on the <span style="color:Red">'''actual, original records or their digitized images.''' </span>
====Town Genealogies (Ortssippenbuch or Ortsfamilienbuch )====
See the class {{LearningCenter2|502|'''Online Ortsfamilienbücher at'''}} and the Wiki article, [[Germany Town Genealogies and Parish Register Inventories on the Internet|'''Germany Town Genealogies and Parish Register Inventories on the Internet'''.]]
Published town genealogies, Ortssippenbuch (town lineage book) or Ortsfamilienbuch (town family book), generally include birth, marriage, and death data for all persons found in the local records during a specified time period, compiled into families based on the opinion of the author. '''If one is available, it should only be used as an ''index or guide'' to finding the original records. They usually contain errors. Always verify their information in original records.
:*[ '''Old German Script Part 2''']
:*[ '''Old German Script (German Church and Civil Records) Part 3''']
:*[ the-german-documents(english) '''German Script Tutorial''']*[ '''List of Names in Old German Script'''] A comprehensive list of German given names, written in old script, with possible variations.
*[ '''Old German Script Transcriber (alte deutsche Handschriften):'''] See your family names in the script of the era. Type your name or other word into the font generator tool. Click on the 8 different fonts. Save the image to your computer and use it as you work with old Germanic records.<br>
*If earlier generations (parents, grandparents, etc.) do not appear in the records, '''search neighboring parishes.'''
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