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Come spend some time with your family and learn some fun activities to do for all ages! We have many activities available for families from young to old and any mix in between. These games help you get to know what your ancestors were like, physically and what the time period they lived in was like, including some games they played as children. Give some of them a try and take home some wonderful ideas to do with your family at home!
<p style="color:blue"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="4">Other activities at the Center, could include, learning about the meaning of your name, what happened the year your ancestors were born, and the years your ancestors lived, or learn how you are related to famous people. Did your ancestors sail on the Mayflower? Are you descended from famous Americans, such as the Founding Fathers, or U.S. Presidents? Are you related to Church leaders? Does your line show a way you could be descended from famous kings or warriors? Did your ancestors live in famous places during historically significant times?
Take some time to use a recording studio to record the stories of your family and ancestors. Take a picture of yourself in the country your ancestors came from. This is a family activity so we ask that a parent or parents of the children be present during the activity. These experiences are fun and educational. Sign up and join us for an hour of wonderful family experiences soon.
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