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Finding Aids For German Records

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Meyers' Gazetteer (
==Details in Major Gazetteers: and
=== Meyers' Gazetteer (
Use Meyer's Gazetteer to find the Kreis, the state or Prussian province, 1871 Standesamt, and the location of the Evangelical Lutheran or Catholic parish church overseeing your ancestor's town: [https://www.meyersgaz.orgMeyerorg Meyer's Gazetteer ('''''Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-lexikon des deutschen Reichs''''')]. This is also the gazetteer on which the organization of the FamilySearch catalog and FamilySearch Historical Records are based.
*[ '''MeyersGaz Help Guide''']
*[[Abbreviation Table for Meyers Orts und Verkehrs Lexikon Des Deutschen Reichs|'''Abbreviation Table''']]
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