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Finding Aids For German Records

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Determining the Location of Churches
==Determining the Location of Churches==
===1. Consult Meyers' Gazetteer for Parish Information( Use Meyer's Gazetteer to find out where the Kreis, the state or Prussian province, 1871 Standesamt, and the location of the Evangelical Lutheran or Catholic parish church overseeing your ancestor's town was (depending on their religion), start with Meyer: {https://www.meyersgaz.orgMeyer's Gazetteer, ('''''Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-lexikon des deutschen Reichs''''', )]. This is also the gazetteer on which the organization of the FamilySearch catalog for Germany is and FamilySearch Historical Records are based. *Use [ '''MeyersGaz'''], the digital gazetteer, to find the details you need, particularly:**the province or duchy it belonged to**whether it had its own Catholic and/or Evangelical Lutheran parish, and, if not,**the closest Catholic and/or Evangelical Lutheran parishes
*[ '''MeyersGaz Help Guide''']
*[[Abbreviation Table for Meyers Orts und Verkehrs Lexikon Des Deutschen Reichs|'''Abbreviation Table''']]
===2. Consult '''Kartenmeister''' for parish information.===For the provinces of East Prussia (Ostpreussen), Posen, Pomerania (Pommern), Silesia (Schlesien), parts of Brandenburg, and West Prussia (Westpreussen), areas which no longer belong to Germany, the online gazetteer [ '''Kartenmeister'''] most efficiently tells you parish information:. It also gives<br>
*Class: [ ''' Finding Places in the Former German Area of Poland''']
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