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Finding Aids For German Records

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Archives Inventory
If you are able to visit the FamilySearch Main Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, go to the international floor of the library. Consultants at the help desk there are familiar with their large collection of parish register inventories. They will be able to assist you in researching which parishes served your ancestors' town.
====Archives Inventory====
*[[Media:Localities.pdf|'''Pdf Archive Inventory''']]: "Part 1 of 2: Church records in Archives" - is an inventory of localities and the location or archive where their records should be found. The sixth column, '''"Archives"''', gives a number. To find the name and contact information, look up that number in the second column of this .pdf: [[Media:Archive_Add_.pdf|'''Part 2: Archive Addresses.''']]  It is not clear how up-to-date this handout is.
===4. Hansen's Map Guides===
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