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Finding Aids For German Records

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Determining the Location of a Civil Registration Office
'''However, some of the offices were merged in 1970's, so the modern record location might be different than that listed in MeyersGaz. <span style="color:DarkViolet"> When writing for records, first find the modern registrar for your town.'''</span>
*For a small town within a larger municipality::*To find the '''current S:tandesamtStandesamt''', go to the [ '''German Wikipedia'''], and enter the name of the town in the search box. An article about the town will start with a first line such as: "Besse with about 3200 inhabitants is the largest district of the '''''municipality Edermünde''''' ...." It is probable that the Standesamt is now located in the larger '''municipality''' (in this example, Edermünde). :*For larger towns which constitute a larger townmunicipality:::*To find the '''current Standesamt''', go to the [ '''German Wikipedia'''], and enter the description will not name a larger municipality, because of the town itself has municipality statusin the search box.::*The infobox with This type of article will '''not''' state that the website will appear directly on this pagetown belongs to another municipality, because it is itself a municipality.<br>
Next, consult :*To e-mail the municipality to '''verify that the civil registry for your town is there'''. ::#Consult this address list for the exact contact information, which should include an e-mail address:*[ '''''']. In the horizontal menu bar, hover over "+registry office" or "+Standesämter", then the name of the modern state, for a drop-down list of links to modern cilvil registrars.<br>::#Send a message asking whether you have the correct office for your ancestors' home town. You can also use e-mail to request records and arrange payment. Use the [[German Letter Writing Guide|'''German Letter Writing Guide''']] to write your questions in German.
==Determining the Location of Churches==
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