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:::d. Some combination of these icons will appear at the far right of the microfilm listed for the record. [[File:FHL icons.png|75px]]. The magnifying glass indicates that the microfilm is indexed. Clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to the index. Clicking on the camera will take you to an online digital copy of the microfilm.
=====2. Writing for Civil Registration Certificates=====
Civil registration records for Germany can be obtained by writing to the local civil registry (Standesamt) or the district archives. Records may have been lost at one location of the other, so you might end up checking both. The first office you contact might choose to forward your request to the other location if necessary.<br>
======Local Standesamt Address======
*[ '''Standesamt Addresses in Niedersachsen''']. Be sure to search this list in the original German, no the English translation. Use the Command + F (Find) tool on your computer.<br>
'''Detailed instruction for what to include in the letter, plus German translations of the questions and sentences most frequently used are in [[German Letter Writing Guide|the '''German Letter Writing Guide'''.]]'''
===4. For baptism, marriage, and death records, use church records or parish registers.===
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