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To learn how to determine the location of other religious records, namely Jewish, French Reformed, German Reformed, etc., watch [ '''Hansen’s Map Guides: Finding Records with Parish Maps,'''] beginning at 48:00 minutes, to learn how to locate these congregations. Then go back and watch from the beginning to understand how to use the reference book. This course teaches you how to use a set of reference books found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are not in Salt Lake City, use the [ '''Contact Us'''] feature to request information from the books.
=====3. Compiled and Published Secondary Sources=====
[[File:Caution sign.png|200px]]
Compiled genealogies and published genealogies are <span style="color:Red">'''secondary sources''',</span> not <span style="color:Red">'''original or primary sources.'''</span> <br>
As such, they are subject to human error through <span style="color:Red">'''translation or transcription errors, mistaken interpretations, and opinion decisions of another researcher.'''</span> <br>
You should make every effort to base your research on the <span style="color:Red">'''actual, original records or their digitized images.''' </span>
===Town Genealogies (Ortssippenbuch or Ortsfamilienbuch )===
See the class {{LearningCenter2|502|'''Online Ortsfamilienbücher at'''}} and the Wiki article, [[Germany Town Genealogies and Parish Register Inventories on the Internet|'''Germany Town Genealogies and Parish Register Inventories on the Internet'''.]]
Published town genealogies, Ortssippenbuch (town lineage book) or Ortsfamilienbuch (town family book), generally include birth, marriage, and death data for all persons found in the local records during a specified time period, compiled into families based on the opinion of the author. '''If one is available, it should only be used as an ''index or guide'' to finding the original records. They usually contain errors. Always verify their information in original records.
'''Church records (parish registers, church books)''' are an important source for genealogical research in Germany before 1876. They recorded details of baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials. The vast majority of the population was mentioned. To learn more about the '''types of information you will find in church records,''' click on these links:
*[[Germany Church Records#Baptisms (Taufen)|'''Baptisms (Taufen)''']]
*[[Germany Church Records#Marriages (Heiraten)|'''Marriages (Heiraten)''']]
*[[Germany Church Records#Burials (Begräbnisse)|'''Burials (Begräbnisse)''']]
*[[Germany Church Records#Confirmations (Konfirmationen)|'''Confirmations (Konfirmationen)''']]
*[[Germany Church Records#Family Registers (Familienbücher)|'''Family Registers (Familienbücher)''']]
'''For a comprehensive understanding of church records, study the article''' [[Germany Church Records|'''Germany Church Records.''']]
==Reading the Records==
*It's easier than you think! You do not have to be fluent in French and German to use these records, as there is only a limited vocabulary used in them. By learning a few key phrases, you will be able to read them adequately. Here are some resources for learning to read German records.
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