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== Melderegister (Moving Records) ==
Police began keeping records of each German's residence in the 1840s. Citizens were required to tell the police at the local registration office [(Meldeamt or Einwohnermeldeamt] ) when they moved. The records created are called registrations [(Melderegister] ) or residents lists [(Einwohnerregister]). They are usually found at the city archives.
To use the records, you must know the approximate years a person lived in a town. The records usually give a person's name, birth date, birthplace, occupation, each residence in the city, and where he or she moved. These records supplement church records and civil registration. The Family History Library has a selection of these records, most notably in Hamburg, Sachsen, and Thüringen. For example, the library has over 4,000 films for Leipzig (1890-1949). Population registers are found in the Place Search of the catalog under:
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