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*[ Court Almanacs / Staatskalender]a- collection of Cocrt Alaanacs and Stste Cacendars in(including personel rosters) from several German states.
=== Particular Places ===
==== Aachen ====
[ Aachener Adressbücher] from 1850.
==== Bayreuth ====
*[ Bayreuther Hausnummern-, Adreß- und Einwohnerbücher - Einführung] Rainer-Maria Kiel, "Bayreuth House numbers, address books and residents, 1807 - 1937" (2007, Bayreuth, University Library). A list of Bayreuth directories with an introduction by Rainer-Maria Kiel. (In German)
*[ Bayreuth Directories] digitised and downloadable at the Library, Bayreuth University. (In German)
==== Berlin ====
The Central and Regional Library, Berlin (ZLB) digitized Berlin address books from 1799 to 1943. Now the digital address books are offered free on the Internet for viewing. You will find residents by name, streets as well as directories of industry, government agencies, associations. A keyword search and systematic search are possible, but not a full text search.
*[ Berliner Adressbücher] In German and English.
==== Freiburg ====
*[ Adressbücher der Stadt Freiburg] from 1798.
==== Heidelberg ====
The Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg in co-operation with the Heidelberg City Archives has digitised and placed online the '''Adressbücher der Neckarstadt''' for the years 1839 to 1945.
*[ Heidelberger Adressbücher]
=== Telephone Directories ===
A [ current telephone directory] for Germany is available online. It is useful for determining if a particular surname is found in or around a certain locality. That can be especially useful if the ancestral home town has a common name. Websites like "[ Geogen]" that show surname distribution, use this directory as the source.
== Notes and References ==<references />Juengling, Fritz. "Address Books in Genealogical Research." ''German American Genealogy'' 2013: 2-6.{{Germany|Germany}}
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==House Books [Hausbücher]==
A few cities and towns have house books [Hausbücher] that list the owners of each house, their occupations and years of residence, and sometimes other residents of the house. Biographical sketches and genealogies are sometimes included. The following is an example of this kind of record:
*''Bauern und Hausbesitzer mit ihren Vorfahren in den 55 Dörfern des Kreises Peine (Farmers and house owners with their ancestors in the 55 villages of the Peine District [Hannover]).''Goslar, Germany: Blut und Boden, 1938. (FHL book 943B4q v. 25; film 924,909 item 3.)
The Family History Library has only a few of these records, and only people wealthy enough to own property are likely to be listed in them. The following bibliography is arranged by both author and place:
*Spruth, Herbert. ''Die Hausmarke: Wesen und Bibliographie (The nature of house marks with their bibliography)''. Neustadt/Aisch, Germany: Degener,1965. (FHL book 943 B4a number 4.)
These records are most often found in the Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under:
==Stadtbücher(City Administrative Records)==
To the collection: [ '''Click here."][[Category:Germany]]
== Notes and References ==
<references />Juengling, Fritz. "Address Books in Genealogical Research." ''German American Genealogy'' 2013: 2-6.{{Germany|Germany}}
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