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A [ current telephone directory] for Germany is available online. It is useful for determining if a particular surname is found in or around a certain locality. That can be especially useful if the ancestral home town has a common name. Websites like "[ Geogen]" that show surname distribution, use this directory as the source.
== See Also ==
'''A wiki article describing an online collection is found at:'''
[,_Bavaria,_F%C3%BCrth_City_Directories_and_Emigration_Records_%28FamilySearch_Historical_Records%29 Germany, Bavaria, Furth City Directories and Emigration Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]
== Notes and References ==
<references />Juengling, Fritz. "Address Books in Genealogical Research." ''German American Genealogy'' 2013: 2-6.{{Germany|Germany}}
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