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The Family History Library has virtually no German newspapers. A few related items may be found in the Place Search of the catalog under the name of the town or state and the topic NEWSPAPERS. For example, copies of the ''Augsburgisches Intelligenz-Blatt''&nbsp;1797-1827 and the ''Intelligenz-Blatt und Wochentlicher Anzeiger von Augsburg 1827-1899'' can be located in [] in the Place Search of the ''FamilySearch Catalog'' under '''Germany, Bayern, Augsburg - Newspapers'''. The ''Amts-Blatt der Koenigl. Bayer. Stadt Augsburg'' 1900-1917 is listed under '''Germany, Bayern - Newspapers'''.<ref>"Newspapers, Unique Sources for German Family and Local History, Part II," ''[ German Genealogical Digest]'', 3 (1987): No. 4.</ref>
== Websites ==
*[ World Newspapers Online]
*[ Wochenschau] - German Newsreels.
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