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House symbols were not just used by the establishment. Beggars and tramps and other riffraff used them as recognition to signify illegal transactions. Guilds used house symbols in conjunction with a sign of their craft. Such appeared on all items belonging to the guild such as plates, pitchers, goblets, and chests. The symbols were protected by law and violation prosecuted.
The author Luise Zeppenfeldt listed 152 house symbols with owner and/or street addresses as well as stone mason symbols attachted to buildings in Hildesheim. She also listed these symbols graphically. <br>The interested genealogist can read about symbols in the periodical', 'Zentralstelle für Niedersächsische Familiengeschichte'' e.V. 1921. The booklet is available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, International Unit, call number 943 A1 no. 42<br>
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