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''[[Germany]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]'' '''Historic Germany Empire and Current States'''
__NOTOC____TOC__==Current States of Germany and Their Territory From Historic Statesthe German Empire Provinces and Duchies==
After East Germany and West Germany were reunited, these jurisdictions of the government were put in place. Generally, when researching genealogical records, it is important to discern what government entity would have jurisdiction over the records of that locality at the time the record was made. For example, if the town your ancestor came from is in Baden-Württemberg today, the records in 1890 might be found in a library catalog under just Baden. If you learn that your ancestor lived in Baden in 1890, and you want to write to the local church to enquire about records, use Baden-Württemberg in the address.
===Alsace-Lorraine (Elsass-Lothringen)===
===Brunswick (Braunschweig)===
'''The enclaves of Calvorde and Blankenburg are now in Saxony-(Sachsen-) Anhalt. The rest of Brunswick is now in the state of Lower Saxony.'''
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'''After World War II, Brunswick was divided into the state of Lower Saxony, West Germany (dark gray background), and Saxony-(Sachsen-) Anhalt, East Germany (light gray background).'''<br>
[[File:Brunswick post WW II.png|700px]]
[[File:Modern Nordrhein-Westfalen.png]]
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[[Neumark (region), Brandenburg, Germany Genealogy|'''Brandenburg:''' the Neumark region,]] 1945: [[Neumark (region), Brandenburg, Germany Genealogy|Poland]] <br>
[[East Prussia, Germany Genealogy|'''East Prussia,]]''' 1945:
*[[East Prussia, Germany Genealogy|Southern East Prussia, '''(Warmia) and (Masuria), and Soldau''']] became part of [[Poland Genealogy|Poland.]]
*[[East Prussia, Germany Genealogy|Northern East Prussia]] was divided between:
**[[Russia Genealogy|the '''Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) Oblast''']]: Russia
*'''western Pomerania''' is in [[Pomerania, Germany Genealogy|Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany]]
*[[Pomerania, Germany Genealogy |'''Pomeralia (Gdansk Pomerania, or East Pomerania''')]]: Poland
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[[Posen, Germany Genealogy|'''Posen,''']] 1919: Wielkie Księstwo Poznańskie, Poland<br>
'''[[Silesia, Germany Genealogy|Silesia (Schlesien),]]'''1945:
*mostly in [[Poland Genealogy|Poland]]
*[[Silesia, Germany Genealogy|'''The Hlučín Area of Moravian-Silesian Region''']]: <br>: [[Czech Republic Genealogy|Czech Republic]]*the small [[Silesia, Germany Genealogy|'''Lusatian strip''' west of the Oder-Neisse line]]: <br>: [[Saxony, Germany Genealogy|Saxony]]
[[Silesia, Germany Genealogy|'''Upper Silesia''']], 1919: [[Poland Genealogy|Poland]] <br>
[[West Prussia, Germany Genealogy|'''West Prussia''',]] 1919: Pomeranian Voivodeship, [[Poland Genealogy|Poland]]
[[File:1920px-German territorial losses 1919 and 1945.svg-1.png|900px]]
<center>'''Modern Saarland and Former Areas Now in Saarland'''<br>
'''Saar-Pfalz-(kreis or county) Was Bavarian'''<br>
'''All Other Counties Were Prussian(Rheinland)'''</center>
[[File:2000px-Saarland, administrative divisions - de - colored.svg-1.png|500px]]
'''"Old Saxony"' is the original homeland of the Saxons in the northwest corner of modern Germany and corresponds approximately to the modern German states of:<br>
*[[Germany Historic and Current States#Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)|'''Lower Saxony''']]
*[[Anhalt Genealogy|'''Saxony-(Sachsen-) Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt''')]]
*[[North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Genealogy|'''Westphalia (Westfalen)''']]
===[[Saxony-(Sachsen-) Anhalt, Germany Genealogy|Saxony-(Sachsen-) Anhalt]]===
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'''Historic areas'''<br>
'''now in Saxony-(Sachsen-) Anhalt: ''' <br>
*'''Free State of Anhalt'''
*'''Halle, Saxony'''
|[[File:233px-Deutschland Lage von Sachsen-Anhalt.svg.png|125px]]|-|style="vertical-align:top; padding-right:25px"|<center>'''Former States Now in Saxony- (Sachsen-) Anhalt'''<br>
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<center>'''Former States Now in Saxony-Anhalt'''<br>
'''Green: Anhalt'''<br>
'''Orange: Province of Saxony (Sachsen)'''<br>
'''Brown: Brunswick''' <br>
'''(Braunschwieg): '''<br>
''' Blankenburg and Calvorde enclaves '''
[[File:Sachsen-Anhalt Landesteile Beschriftet.png|315px]]<br><span style="color:green">Green: Anhalt</span><br><span style="color:GoldenRod">Orange: Province of Saxony (Provinz Sachsen)</span><br><span style="color:SaddleBrown">Brown: Brunswick(Braunschwieg): '''<br>Blankenburg and Calvorde enclaves</span><br>Yellow: Thüringen
<center>'''Modern Saxony-(Sachsen-) Anhalt'''</center>
[[File:Modern Sachsen-Anhalt.png|280px]]
|'''Anhalt Detail 1747-1793'''<br>
[[File:Map of Anhalt (1747-1793).svg.png|400px]]
|<center>'''Anhalt 1747-1793'''<br>
[[File:Map of Anhalt (1747-1793).svg.png|400px]]</center>
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'''From these historic areas now in'''<br>
'''Schleswig-Holstein, click below'''<br>
*[[Lübeck Genealogy|'''Lübeck''']]
*[[Schleswig-Holstein Genealogy|'''Schleswig-Holstein''']]<br>
Areas '''annexed from''' [[Hamburg, Germany Genealogy|'''Hamburg''']] in 1937-8
*the city Geesthacht
* municipalities: Großhansdorf, Schmalenbeck
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====Lost Areas====
From the province of Schleswig-Holstein, these areas were<br>
*From the administrative district Herzogtum Lauenburg: the place Kurslack in the Achterschlag of the municipality Börnsen
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==== Areas Now in Denmark,<br> By Kreis ====
|[[File:Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 4.20.11 PM.png|500px]]
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'''Modern Schleswig-Holstein State in Germany'''<br>
[[File:Kreise Schleswig-Holstein.svg.png|400px450px]]
[[File:Silesia 1825-1950.png]]
<center> '''County (Kreis) Map of Silesia'''</center><br>
'''Administrative districts: Oppeln=Violet , Breslau=Gold, Liegnitz=Green'''<br>
[[File:Schlesien Verwaltungsgliederung 1905.svg.png|1100px]]
===Thuringia (Thüringen)===
*Gotha, part of Saxe (Sachsen)-Coburg-Gotha
*Saxony (Sachsen)-Meiningen
*Saxony Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (Sachsen)-Weimar-Eisenach)
*Schwarzburg Sondershausen
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