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Follow these six steps when requesting genealogical records from the Czech Republic:
'''Step#1 ''': Prepare your ancestor's information.'''
*Review everything you know about your ancestor.
*If you are missing some essential information back up to the place where you have some record of your ancestor and work from there.
'''Step#2 ''': Fill out and mail your application.'''
*Click above on the [[Media:LWGCzechSlo.pdf|''' Czech and Slovak Letter-Writing Guide link. ''']]
*Read instructions on how to request genealogical research.
*Mail to the address for your archive. Use the address at the top of the application only if you don't know which archive.
'''Step#3 ''': Receive a letter requesting a payment.'''
*You will receive a letter requesting a payment.
'''Step#4 ''': Pay the bill.'''
*Go to the bank and wire the money.
*Reference a research invoice number. You will find this number at the top of the letter. This is very important so that they will credit your account accordingly. You may include your name as well.
'''Step#5 ''': Receive the archival report.'''
*Your archival report will be probably in the Czech language.
*Add the names, dates, places, source citations, and any other information given in the report on your family group record.
'''Step#6 ''': Repeat the process for other ancestral lines.'''
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