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== Step By Step ==
1.&nbsp;If you have not yet found an index reference for&nbsp;the&nbsp;probate record&nbsp;of your ancestor, [ search]&nbsp;the indexes&nbsp;listed below.&nbsp; If you find a reference, write down each detail cited in the index entry.<br>2. Proceed to "Records" (below) to determine what probate records exist for this court.<br>3. Contact or visit the Herefordshire Record Office, or&nbsp;hire a professional record searcher to view these records on your behalf. Officials may be able to send a list of record searchers upon request. OR...<br>4. Visit the[[Family History Library|Family History Library]] in Salt Lake City, or one of its 4,500 satellite [[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|family history centers]] worldwide, and search indexes to the probate records.&nbsp; With the information obtained from&nbsp;an index, you can&nbsp;more quickly find the&nbsp;original&nbsp;records&nbsp;on microfilm and view the film.
== Indexes ==
The original and microfilmed records listed below also include indexes.
Indexes available on film may be viewed at the [[Family History Library|Family History Library]] or may be ordered for viewing through a [[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|family history center]].
If you find an index reference to the probate records of your ancestor, proceed to the 'Records' section below and follow the instructions.
== Records ==
To obtain a copy of the probate record of your ancestor, either visit or contact the archive which holds the original records or visit the[[Family History Library|Family History Library ]]or a [[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|family history center]] and view the record on microfilm, as indicated below.
==== Archive Location ====

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