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Hoylake Holy Trinity, Cheshire Genealogy

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Leasowe, St Chad (C of E). The parish church for part of Hoylake from 1957.
===== Non ConformistChurches Conformist Churches =====
* Hoylake, St. Catherine & St. Martina (Roman Catholic), Birkenhead Road. Founded 1928.
&nbsp;Cheshire Non-conformist records are available online in ''Record Search<br>''Microfilm of originals in the Cheshire Record Office, Chester. Hoylake also called Hoose. Originally called Mission Chapel. Cheshire Record Office: EMS 147/1
 {| cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" width="700" border="1" |- |Other Content |FHL File |-|Baptisms, 1884-1948. |BRITISH 1594191 Item 7 |- |Baptisms, 1884-1948 (another filming). |BRITISH 2299472 Item 5 <br>|}
*Hoylake, Methodist Chapel (Wesleyan). Built in 1905.

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