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=== BYU Script Tutorial for Reading French ===*[[Imagehttps:French alphabet//script.jpg|right]]Many resources exist that will help you read French recordsbyu. One of these is edu/Pages/the Reading Handwritten Records Series of free online classes available at FamilySearch. It includes tutorials on{{LearningCenter2|83|-french-documents-pages/the-french-documents(english) Script Tutorial for Reading French Handwritten Records Lesson 1: The French Alphabet}}{{LearningCenter2|84|Reading French Handwritten Records Lesson 2: Key Words and Phrases}}{{LearningCenter2|86|Reading French Handwritten Records Lesson 3: Reading French Records}}.]
<br> === Guide to indexing Toulouse, La Dalbade parish register (baptisms) from 1571-1599 and after ===Guide to reading and interpreting old parish records of Toulouse for the purpose of indexing and reading old French handwriting. Click [[Media:Yvettesguide1571-1620.pdf|here]] to open the guide.
=== French Records Extraction Manual ===Another resource is the [ pdf '''French Records Extraction Manual, Full Manual''']. Much more is covered, but these first four lessons are especially useful.<br>*[ Chapter 1: OLD FRENCH RECORDSOld French Records] <br>*[ Chapter 2: PARISH CHRISTENING AND CIVIL BIRTH ENTRIESParish Christening and Civil Birth Entries] <br>*[ Chapter 3: MARRIAGE ENTRIESMarriage Entries]<br>*[ Chapter 4: OTHER ENTRIESOther Entries] <br>*[ Chapter 5: FRENCH HANDWRITING AND SPELLINGFrench Handwriting and Spelling] <br>*[ Section OneChapter 6: Name Identification]<br>*[ Section TwoChapter 7: Gender]<br>*[ Section Three][https:Files/French/ Section FourChpater 8: Dates]<br>*[ Section Five][https:Files/French/ Section SixChapter 9: AnswersPutting it all in practice] <br> *[ APPENDIX Appendix A: FRENCH OCCUPATIONS LISTFrench Occupations List]  *[ APPENDIX Appendix B: COMMON ABBREVIATIONSCommon Abbreviations]  *[ APPENDIX Appendix C: ANSWERS TO SELFAnswers to Self-EVALUATION EXERCISESEvaluation Exercises]  *[ Glossary.pdf GLOSSARY]
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