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*Sr. Research Consultant, British Research Unit, The Family History Library: 1998-present
*Sr. Project Manager, Family Records Extraction 1993-1998 [England 1851, Canadian 1881 censuses, Ordinance Index, 1880 US census, Ellis Island Index projects [Key learnings: We'll&nbsp;produce&nbsp;far <u>''more''</u> Indexes ''<u>faster</u>''&nbsp;by&nbsp;extracting/indexing ''<u>only</u>'' the critically&nbsp;''<u>necessary</u>''&nbsp;fields in each record type, i.e. Imaged originals far outweigh recreating a whole record and all its genealogical fields when images of the original document are/will be available online? ! Ford Mustang? Mustangs or a LincolnContinentals?] *Family History Center Support Specialist over British Isles and (old) Commonwealth countries, N. Europe and South Pacific FHCs 1991- 1992 Key Learnings: FHCs are the key to disseminating genealogical data to the 'end rows' of the world. Support them and consider Consider the "widow's" needsby fully supporting the operation of each FHC
*British Correspondence Specialist 1982-1991
*Reference Consultant, British Reference Unit, Family History Library: 1979-1981
*Reference Consultant, US/Canada: 1977-1979
*Stake Extraction (Indexing)&nbsp;Director: England 1851 census indexing project 1995-1997
=== Lecturer and Presenter at the following locations: ===
Moderator, Reviewer, editor, pagecreator

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