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===Step 2===
1. Go to: [].:The Archer Software lists birth/christening and marriage IGI collections for each parish (no burials). We will be adding these collections to the table on each parish page.<br><br>
2. Scroll down to the parish you are working on. (An example is shown below)<br><br>
[[File:England parish tables instructions 1.png|900px]]<br><br><br>
3. Find the birth/christening and marriage IGI batches for the that parish that - these will be added to the table under IGI.<br><br>
4. The template for adding the IGI link is: <nowiki>{{IGI|BATCH NUMBER|disp='''YEAR RANGE'''}}</nowiki><br>
:For example, if the IGI batch number was M018882 and the year range 1723-1879, then the code would look like: <nowiki>{{IGI|M018882|disp='''1723-1879'''}}</nowiki><br><br> '''To note:'''*Only add the IGI batch if the batch has over 100 entries.:*If there is more than one batch for the Births/Baptisms or Marriages, add a comma between the links. Put the batches in chronological order (older batch first).:*If there is are no IGI collections for the parish, then delete the IGI section in the table. <br><br>
'''Example:''' for the parish of Binfield (image shown above), two Births/Baptisms batches (C020371 and C020373) and three Marriages batches (M020371, M020373, and M020372) would be added. The code would look like this:
<nowiki>| bgcolor="#ffffcc" | '''IGI''' </nowiki>
<nowiki>| bgcolor="#ffcccc" | {{IGI|C020371 |disp='''1551-1812'''}}, {{IGI|C020373|disp='''1607-1835'''}}</nowiki>
<nowiki>| bgcolor="#ffcccc" | <br></nowiki>
<nowiki>| bgcolor="#ccffcc" | {{IGI|M020371|disp='''1538-1753'''}}, {{IGI|M020373|disp='''1612-1835'''}}, {{IGI|M020372|disp='''1754-1812'''}}</nowiki>
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