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| link5=[[Juab County, Utah Genealogy|Juab County]]
Guide to '''Juab County, Utah ancestry, family history, and genealogy'''. [[Juab County, Utah#Birth|Birth records]], [[Juab County, Utah#Marriage|marriage]] and [[Juab County, Utah#Death|death records]], [[Juab County, Utah#Cemeteries|cemeteries]], [[Juab County, Utah#Census|census]], [[Juab County, Utah#Churches_and_Religious_Groups|church records]], [[Juab County, Utah#Probate_Records|probate records]], and [[Juab County, Utah#Obituaries|obituaries]]—resources to find parents and family history since 1853, when the [[Juab County, Utah#Parent_Counties|county was formed]]. <br>[[Image:{{UTJuabMtNebo}}]]
<br>{{Click|Image:UT_ORP.png|<div id="fsButtons"><span class="online_records_button">[[Utah Online Genealogy Records|left}}]]</span></div><br>
=== County Facts ===
==== Description ====
The County was named for a Native American word meaning thirsty valley, or possibly only valley. The County is located in the west center area of the state.
<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Juab, Utah" in '',_Utah'' accessed 4 Dec 2018 </ref>
==== County Courthouse ====
County Clerk has birth, marriage, death, court and land records from 1898.<ref name="HBG">''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Juab County, Utah Page 687 {{WorldCat|50140092|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}.</ref>
 ====Juab County, Utah Record Dates==== {| width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="21"
| width="100%" bgcolor="#ccff66e4d8e5" align="center" colspan="67" | <center>'''Known Beginning Dates for major county recordsMajor County Records'''<ref>Alice Eichholz, ''Red BookHandybook for Genealogists: American State, County and Town SourcesUnited States of America'', 3rd 10th ed. (Salt Lake CityDraper, Utah: Ancestry Everton Pub., 20042002), 676Juab County, Utah . Page 686-677. 688 {{WorldCat|5594786950140092|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|11857231049485|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D27rb 2004D27e 2002}}; Alice Eichholz, ed. Ancestry’s Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources, Third ed. (Provo, Utah: Ancestry, 2004), 676-677.</ref>'''</center>
| width="1614.62%" valignbgcolor="middle#e4d8e5" align="center" | <center>'''[[Juab County, UtahGenealogy#Birth|Birth*]]'''</center> | width="1614.62%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | <center>'''[[Juab County, UtahGenealogy#Marriage|Marriage]]'''</center> | width="1614.62%" valignbgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="middlecenter" | <center>'''[[Juab County, UtahGenealogy#Death|Death*]]'''</center> | width="1614.62%" valignbgcolor="middle#e4d8e5" align="center" | <center>'''[[Juab County, UtahGenealogy#CensusCourt Records|CensusCourt]]'''</center> | width="1614.62%" valignbgcolor="middle#e4d8e5" align="center" | <center>'''[[Juab County, UtahGenealogy#Land_and_PropertyLand and Property Records|Land]]'''</center> | width="1614.62%" valignbgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="middlecenter" | <center>'''[[Juab County, UtahGenealogy#Probate_RecordsProbate Records|Probate]]'''</| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center>" | '''[[Juab County, Utah Genealogy#Census Records|Census]]'''
| width="1614.62%" valignalign="middlecenter" style|1898| width="14.2%" align="height: 25px;center" | 1898-present | width="1614.62%" valign="middle" stylealign="height: 25px;center" | 1888-present 1898| width="1614.62%" valignalign="middle" style="height: 25px;center" | 1898-present | width="1614.62%" valign="middle" stylealign="height: 25px;center" | 1856, 1860... 1898| width="1614.62%" valignalign="middle" style="height: 25px;center" | 1859-present 1898| width="1614.62%" valign="middle" stylealign="height: 25px;center" | 1859-present1851
| width="100%" bgcolor="#99d6ff" colspan="67" | '''For earlier dates, try<center>Statewide registration for births and deaths began in 1905.General compliance by 1917..[[Juab County, Utah#Churches_and_Religious_Groups|Church]] &#124; [[Juab County, Utah#Obituaries|Obituaries]] &#124; [[Juab County, Utah#Cemeteries|Cemeteries]] &#124; [[Juab County, Utah#Parent_Counties|Parent counties]]'''</center>
==== Records Loss ====
==== Neighboring Counties ====
{{PAGENAME}} is surrounded by: [[Millard County, Utah Genealogy|Millard]] | [[Sanpete County, Utah Genealogy|Sanpete]] | [[Tooele County, Utah Genealogy|Tooele]] | [[Utah County, Utah Genealogy|Utah]] | '''In Nevada:''' [[White Pine County, Nevada Genealogy|White Pine]]  ====Populated Places==== For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [ Hometown Locator]. The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Juab County, Utah," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Utah, accessed 17 February 2019.</ref> {{populated places<!--cities column------------------->| cities-col1=<div>* [,_Utah Eureka]* [,_Utah Mona]</div>| cities-col2=<div>* [,_Utah Nephi]</div>| cities-col3=<div>* [,_Utah Santaquin] (county seat)</div><!--towns column------------------->| towns-col1=<div>* [,_Utah Levan]</div>| towns-col2=<div>* [,_Utah Rocky Ridge]</div>| towns-col3=<!--villages column------------------->| villages-col1=| villages-col2=| villages-col3=<!--hamlets column------------------->| hamlets-col1=| hamlets-col2=| hamlets-col3=<!--unincorp column------------------->| unincorp-col1=<div>* [,_Utah Callao]* [,_Utah Jericho]</div>| unincorp-col2=<div>* [,_Utah Juab County]* [,_Utah Partoun]</div>| unincorp-col3=<div>* [,_Utah Trout Creek]</div><!--native american column------------------->| native-col1=<div>* [ Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation]</div>| native-col2=| native-col3=<!--census column------------------->| census-col1=| census-col2=| census-col3=<!--townships column------------------->| townships-col1=| townships-col2=| townships-col3=<!--historic communities column------------------->| historic-communities-col1=| historic-communities-col2=| historic-communities-col3=<!--historic African American communities column------------------->| historic-AA communities-col1=| historic-AA communities-col2=| historic-AA communities-col3=<!--unorganized territories column------------------->| unorgan-col1=| unorgan-col2=| unorgan-col3=<!--ghost towns column------------------->| ghost-col1=<div>* [,_Utah Chicken Creek]* [,_Utah Diamond]* [,_Utah Fish Springs]</div>| ghost-col2=<div>* [,_Utah Goshute]* [,_Utah Knightsville]* [,_Utah Mammoth]</div>| ghost-col3=<div>* [,_Utah Mills]* [, Utah Clickable Neighbors_Utah Silver City]</div>}}
=== Resources ===
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ BillionGraves]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" |
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ Linkpendium]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [http://wwwusgenwebsites.rootsweb.ancestry.comorg/UTJuab/~utjuabinfo/_Juab_cemeteriescemeteries.html USGenWeb]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" |
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [,class,cemetery,scfips,49023.php?local=22841&locTGroup=Cemeteries&direction=down&sec=0&qty=5&stateAbbv=&stateName= Epodunkcfm Hometown Locator]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ UTGenWeb Archives]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" |
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [httphttps://utahwww.hometownlocatorfamilysearch.comorg/featuresresearch/cultural,class,cemetery,scfips,49023.cfm Hometown Locatorplaces/?reqParents=393471&reqParentsLabel=Juab%2C%20Utah%2C%20United%20States&reqParentsType=209&reqTypes=20&reqTypeLabel=Cemetery FamilySearch Places]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" colspan="3"|See [[Utah Cemeteries|Utah Cemeteries]] for more information.
==== Census ====
{{Historical populations
|type = USA
|heading = Census
|footnote = Source: [,_Utah#Demographics "".]
|1860 |672
|1870 |2034
|1880 |3474
|1890 |5582
|1900 |10082
|1910 |10702
|1920 |9871
|1930 |8605
|1940 |7392
|1950 |5981
|1960 |4597
|1970 |4574
|1980 |5530
|1990 |5817
|2000 |8238
|2010 |10246
{{Utah Census}}
*Church records (microfilmed originals or published transcripts) are listed for {{PAGENAME}} at the {{FHL|United States, Utah, Juab, |place|disp=town level}} (space, then select a town) or {{FHL|United States, Utah, Juab|place|disp=county level}} (select '''Church''' topics) in the FamilySearch Library Catalog.
===== The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) ====={| style="float:right; |- |{{MormonLDSRemoval}} |}
*'''1877-1918''' - {{RecordSearch|2553860|Utah LDS Mission Calls and Recommendations 1877-1918}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
<center>(Section In process. [[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Utah Tasks Church LDS Phase 1|Want to help?]])</center> {{UTChurchLDSTableBegUTChurchofJesusChristTableBeg}} '''Stake(s):''' [[Juab Stake, Utah LDS Church Wards and Branches|Juab Stake, Utah]]{{·}} [[Tintic Stake, Utah LDS Church Wards and Branches|Tintic Stake, Utah]]
'''Places:''' [[Diamond, Utah LDS Wards and Branches|Diamond]] {{·}} [[Eureka, Utah LDS Wards and Branches|Eureka]] {{·}} [[Juab, Utah LDS Wards and Branches|Juab]] {{·}} [[Levan, Utah LDS Wards and Branches|Levan]] {{·}} [[Mona, Utah LDS Wards and Branches|Mona]] {{·}} [[Nephi, Utah LDS Wards and Branches|Nephi]] {{·}} [[Silver City, Utah LDS Wards and Branches|Silver City]]
|} {{UTLine4endofTopic}}
'''List of Churches and Church Parishes'''
*'''[ FamilySearch Places]''' <br>
==== Court Records ====
==== Gazetteers ====
See [[Utah Gazetteers]]*[ FamilySearch Places]:Cities and Towns- [[FamilySearch Places|How to Use FS Places]]
==== Genealogy ====
'''Note:''' Unless otherwise mentioned, the events below were gleaned from ''Wikipedia ''for [,_Utah Juab County].<br>
*'''1851.''' Nephi was settled by Mormon pioneers Pioneers
*'''1852.''' Clover Creek , later known as Willow Creek, then Star and finally Mona, was settled
*'''1852. '''March 3, Juab County was created &nbsp;as an original county.
==== Maps ====
{{UT Neighboring Counties Intro|county={{UT Juab County}}}} [,-111.547028&sspn=6.602676,9.876709&hnear=Juab,+Utah&t=m&z=8 Google highway map of Juab County] 2012 *[ FamilySearch Places]:Cities and Towns- [[FamilySearch Places|How to Use FS Places]]
==== Migration ====
:*[[California Trail]] 1846 to 1869 from western Missouri to northern California<ref>"Oregon California Trails Association" at (accessed 18 July 2011).</ref>
:*[[Mormon Trail]] 1846 to 1869 from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah<ref>"The Pioneer Story: The Mormon Pioneer Trail" in ''The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints'' at http -trek (accessed 18 July 2011).</ref>
:*[[Mormon Trail to Southern California|Mormon Trail to Southern California]] 1847 from Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Jefferson Hunt" in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia at (accessed 6 September 2011).</ref>
:*[[Central Overland Trail]] 1859-1869 from Salt Lake City, Utah to Carson City, Nevada (and usually on to northern California)<ref name="COR">Wikipedia contributors, "Central Overland Route" in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'' at (accessed 13 September 2011).</ref>
*'''1861-1865''' - {{RecordSearch|1932426|Utah, Civil War Service Records of Union Soldiers, 1861-1865}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
=====World War I=====
*'''1914-1918''' - {{RecordSearch|3041286|Utah, World War I Army Servicemen Records Abstracts, 1914-1918}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
*'''1914-1918''' - {{RecordSearch|3028759|Utah, World War I Service Questionnaires, 1914-1918}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
*'''1917-1918''' - {{RecordSearch|3019074|Utah, World War I County Draft Board Registers, Name Index, 1917-1918}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
*'''1917-1918''' - {{RecordSearch|3031545|Utah, World War I Militia Lists, 1917-1918}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
=====World War II=====
*'''1929-1954''' - {{RecordSearch|3031542|Utah, World War II Index to Army Veterans of Utah, 1939-1945}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
*'''1940-1945''' - {{RecordSearch|2659402|Utah, World War II Draft Registration Cards,1940-1947}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images
==== Naturalization and Citizenship ====
Declarations of Intent before 1906 often include the nation of origin, his* foreign and "Americanized" names, residence, and date of arrival. See [[Utah Naturalization and Citizenship]] for more information.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(*Women were not naturalized until 1922 in the United States.)
*'''1848-2001''' - [ Utah, State Archives Records, 1848-2001], a FamilySearch digital collection, contains declarations of intention 1891–1929.<br>*'''1906-1930''' - {{RecordSearch|2174938|Utah Naturalization Records, 1906-1930}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images*'''1908-1928''' - [ Juab County, Utah Citizenship Certificate Stubs, 1908-1928] ($)<br>
==== Newspapers ====
*'''1850 – 2005''' {{RecordSearch|2302011|Utah, Obituaries from Utah Newspapers, 1850-2005}} at [ /search/ FamilySearch] — index
*[[Juab County, Utah#Newspapers|Newspapers of {{PAGENAME}}]]
'''Online Probate Records'''
*'''1800 – 1985''' [ Utah Wills and Probate Records 1800-1985] at [] — index and images $
*'''1851 – 1961''' {{RecordSearch|1916182|Utah Probate Records 1851-1961}} at [ /search/ FamilySearch] — images
*[ Utah, Probate Records, 1851-1961] FamilySearch Historical Record Collection.
:*'''1898 - 1905''' - [ Index to births 1898–1905] Series 84175 {{UTBirthArchivesIndex1898+}}
:**Idea: use censuses and church records to learn those missing children's names.
:*'''1900 - 1960''' - {{RecordSearch|2771335|Utah, Delayed Birth Certificates, 1900-1960}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
:*'''1903 - 1914''' - {{RecordSearch|1390750|Utah, Birth Certificates, 1903-1914}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images
:*'''1906 - 1910''' - [ 1906-1910 online images]{{UTBirthArchivesBrowse1906+}}
*[ Juab County, UT History, Records, Facts and Genealogy]
*[ Utah Genealogy Network Community on Google+]
*[ Utah Genealogy Network Group on Facebook]
==== FamilySearch Centers ====
{{FamilySearch Family History Centers Intro}}
*[[Eureka Utah Family History Center]] 70 E Main St, Eureka, UT United States [[,+Eureka,+UT+84628/@39.9553988,-112.1158165,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x874d11193018e433:0xc5d546cac76b7b18 Location Map]
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