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Stubbekøbing is a town in Guldborgsund municipality in Region Sjælland on the northeastern coast of the island of Falster in south Denmark. Ferry service connects the town of Stubbekøbing over the Grønsund to Bogø at the town of Nyby.<br>(Write information such as: how old To the parish northeast isthe island of Møn, interesting facts about which is separated from Stubbekøbing by the parishwaters of Grønsund, what alternate names it hasthe strait which separates Møn and the island of Bogø from Falster. To the east and southeast is the Baltic Sea.<br>Stubbekøbing municipality ceased to exist as the result of The Municipality Reform of 2007. It was merged with Nykøbing Falster, or any boundary changesNysted, Nørre Alslev, Sakskøbing, and Sydfalster municipalities to form the new Guldborgsund municipality.) <br> []
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