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=== Demographics ===
=== Georgia Swedish Links Archives===
*[[Swedish American'''Evangelical Lutheran Church in America'''<br>Region 9: the United Synod of the South (For Alabama, Florida-Bahamas, Georgia , Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and the Caribbean Synod)<br>Jeannette Bergeron<br>James R. Crumley, Jr. Archives|Georgia Swedish Archives]] *[[Swedish American<br>Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary<br>4201 North Main Street<br>Columbia, South Carolina 29203<br>Phone: Georgia Cemeteries|Georgia Swedish Cemeteries]] *[[Swedish American803-461-3234<br>Email: Georgia History|Georgia Swedish History]] *[[Swedish Americanmailto: Georgia Newspapers|Georgia Swedish Newspapers]]&nbsp;<br>[]&nbsp;
=== Societies ===
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