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| link2=[[Texas, United States Genealogy|Texas]]
| link3=| link4=[[Tarrant County TexasArchives and Libraries|TarrantArchives and Libraries]]| link4=
| link5=[[National Archives at Fort Worth]]
'''E-mail:'''<ref name="S1">"National Archives Southwest Region in Fort Worth" in ''The National Archives at Forth Worth'' at (accessed 23 December 2010).</ref>&nbsp; []
:'''''Textual Research'''''<br>1400 John Burgess Drive<br>Fort Worth, Texas 76140<br><br>
:'''''Microfilm Research'''''<br>2600 West 7th Street<br>Suite 162<br>Fort Worth, TX, 76107<br><br>
'''Telephone:'''</ref>&nbsp; Textual research: 817-551-2051&nbsp; Microfilm Research: &nbsp; 817-831-5620<br>'''Fax:'''&nbsp; Textual Research: 817-551-2034&nbsp; Microfilm Research: 817-551-5621 <br>
'''Hours:'''<ref name="S2">"Services for the Public" in ''The National Archives at Fort Worth'' at (accessed 23 December 2010).</ref><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''''Textual Research&nbsp;''''' Monday through Friday by appointment.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''''Microfilm Research&nbsp;''''' Monday through Friday, and 3rd Saturday of the month, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
'''Directions to Textual Research:'''<ref name="S2" /> <br>
=== Collection Description ===
Serves [[Arkansas, United States Genealogy|Arkansas]], [[Louisiana Genealogy|Louisiana]], [[Oklahoma, United States Genealogy|Oklahoma]], and [[Texas Genealogy|Texas]].<ref>"Services for Federal Agencies" in ''The National Archives at Fort Worth'' at (accessed 23 December 2010).</ref> Includes [[United States Census|federal '''censuses''']] of all states, 1790-1930 (and indexes for 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920); '''military''' [[US Military Service Records|service records]], [[US Military Pension Records|pension]] and [[US Military Bounty Land Warrants|bounty land warrant]] applications; '''[[US Immigration Passenger Arrival Records|passenger arrivals]]'''; '''[[Dawes Commission Enrollment Records for Five U.S. Indian Tribes|Dawes Commision]]''' for the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma. Manuscripts, photos, maps received from federal district and bankruptcy '''[[United States Court Records|courts]]''' and '''85 federal agencies''' in four states. Subjects emphasized are regional and national history, '''westward expansion''' and '''Southwest settlement''', '''[[American Indian Indigenous Peoples of the United States Genealogy|American IndiansIndigenous Peoples of the US]]''' (especially Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles), [[Revolutionary War, 1775 to 1783|Revolutionary War]], American [[United States Civil War, 1861 to 1865|Civil War]] and Recontruction, '''[[African American Slavery and Bondage|slavery]]''', Chinese exclusion, segregation, [[World War I United States Military Records, 1917 to 1918|World War I]], [[World War II United States Military Records, 1941 to 1945|World War II]], economic development, oil, U.S. space program, public administration, political science, law, ethnology, and U.S. diplomacy.<ref>"Research at the Archives Facility" in ''The National Archives at Fort Worth'' at (accessed 23 December 2010).</ref>
=== Tips ===
*[ National Personnel Records Center], St. Louis, MO.,&nbsp;has millions of military personnel, health, medical records of discharged and deceased veterans of all services starting with World War I, and federal employee records.
*[[Family History Library|Family History Library]], Salt Lake City,&nbsp;450 computers, 3,400 databases, 3.1 million microforms, 4,500 periodicals, 310,000 books of worldwide family and local histories, civil, church, immigration, ethnic, military, Mormon and recordspertaining to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. <br>
'''''Neighboring Collections'''''<br>
*[http html Tarrant County Archives] marriages, directories, Sandborn maps, newspapers, diaries, histories. *[http html Tarrant County Clerk] births, deaths, and online searches for marriages, land records, assumed names, and these courts: commissioner's, county, justice of the peace, probate, and traffic. *[http html Tarrant County District Court Clerk] civil, family, and criminal cases.
*[ U.S. District Court Northern District of Texas] case files.
*[ Amon Carter Museum] newspapers, and westward expansion collections.
*[[Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research|Clayton Library]], Houston, censuses, military, passenger lists, periodicals, family histories, maps, Texas and Houston records, veritcal files, British vital records index, German, Canadian records.
*[[Dallas Public Central Library]] 111,700 volumes, 64,500 microfilms, 89,000 microfiche, and over 700 maps, marriage, probate, deed, and tax abstracts in book form, or microfilm of originals for some states, and online databases.
*[ Fort Worth Public Library] newspapers, obituaries, biographies, histories and genealogies of the Southwest.<ref name="DB107">William Dollarhide and Ronald A. Bremer. ''America's Best Genealogy Resource Centers'' (Bountiful, Utah: Heritage Quest, 1998), 107. {{WorldCat|39493985|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|728550|item|disp=FHL Ref Book 973 J54d}}.</ref> Focus is on Texas, the South, the Midwest, and the original thirteen states.
*[ Texas Baptist Historical Society], Dallas, histories of local congregations.
*[ Southern Methodist University], Dallas, history, biography, newspapers, ethnic, and government.

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