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When you have located your ancestor’s birth or christening record, carefully evaluate each piece of information about them. These pieces of information may give you new biographical details that can lead you to other records about your ancestors. Print or download a copy of the record, or extract the genealogical information needed.
=== I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now? ===
*Use the birth date along with the place of birth to find the family in census records. *Use the residence and names of the parents to locate church and land records.*The father’s occupation can lead you to other types of records such as employment or military records. *The parents' birth places can tell you former residences and can help to establish a migration pattern for the family. *It is often helpful to extract the information on all children with the same parents. If the surname is unusual, you may want to compile birth entries for every person of the same surname and sort them into families based on the names of the parents. Continue to search the birth records to identify siblings, parents, and other relatives in the same or other generations who were born in the same county or nearby. *The information in birth records is usually reliable, but depends upon the reliability of the informant. *Earlier records may not contain as much information as the records created after the late 1800s. *There is also some variation in the information given from record to record.
=== I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For, What Now? ===
*Look for variant spellings of the names. You should also look for nicknames and abbreviated names. *Look for another index. Local genealogical and historical societies often have indexes to local records. *Search the indexes and records of nearby counties. *Be aware that, as with any index, transcription errors may occur. *Try alternative search methods such as only filling in the surname search box (or the given name search box) on the landing page leaving the other box empty and then click on search. This should return a list of everyone with that particular name. You could then browse the list for individuals that may be your ancestor.
== Known Issues With This Collection ==


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