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There are some unique records and resources for most minorities in Brazil. These include histories, gazetteers, biographical sources, settlement patterns, church records, and handbooks.
== Minority Records at the Family History Library ==The Family History Library collects some published histories. These are listed can be found by doing a Subjects search in the "Place Search" section of the [ FamilySearch Catalog under:  BRAZIL- MINORITIES  BRAZIL, [STATE] for "Brazil - MINORITIES  BRAZILMinorities" or "Brazil - JEWISH HISTORY  Other sources are also in the Jewish Histories", "Subject SearchBrazil - German Histories" section of the FamilySearch Catalog under the name of the minorities such as Jews, Germans"Brazil - Italian Histories", or Italiansother such minorities.
Examples of some of these books and records include:
*Azevedo, Thales de. ''Italianos e gaúchos: os anos primeiros da colonização italiana no Rio Grande do Sul (Italians and Gauchos: the first years of the Italian colonization of Rio Grande do Sul''). Porto Alegre: A Nação/Instituto Estadual do Livro, 1975. ({{FHL book |981.65 F2a.) }}*Cenni, Franco. ''Italianos no Brasil: Andiamo in America (Italians in Brazil: Let’s Walk in America''). São Paulo: Martins, Ed. da Universidade de São Paulo, 1975. ({{FHL book |981 F2c) }} *''Auswandererkartei de Rußlanddeutschen na Brasilien: 1870–1940 (Emigration Card Index of Russian Germans to Brazil: 1870–1940''). Stuttgart: Deutsches Ausland- Institut, N.p., (1988). ({{FHL film |1552796 }} item 1)  *''Famílias brasileiras de origem germânica (Brazilian Families of German Origin''). 5 vols. São Paulo: Instituto Genealógico Brasileiro e Instituto Hans Staden, 1962–1967. ({{FHL book |981 D2i}}; films {{FHL|0564388 }} and {{FHL|1149534 }} items 1–2)  Much research and published information is available on the German immigrants to southern Brazil. Background information about these groups and a useful bibliography of studies can be found on the Internet at:  *[]
The Family History Library also has books on North Americans in Brazil. For some references, see [[Brazil Emigration and Immigration]].
In the United States and other countries that Brazilians emigrated to, various local and national societies may have been organized to gather, preserve, and share the cultural contributions and histories of Brazilian minority groups. See [[Brazil Societies]] for more information.
=== Other Websites Online Minority Records ===
*[ German Genealogy in Brazil], also on [http:/Camp1653/fam2wiki-de.htm GenWiki]*[http://www.locscv.govorg/rrnew/internationalpart-xiv-after-the-war/hispanic/brazil/resources/brazil-genealogy.htmlSouthern Confederates Migration to Brazil]
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