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Lecturer and Presenter at the following locations:
*FFHS Annual Conference on British Genealogy: 2004
*BYU Computer Genealogy Conference: April, 2010
*Featured SpeakerGuest Lecturer, "The London Workshop", Toronto, Ont. Chapt OGS: Nov 2008
*Utah Valley University, Continuing Education, Genealogy Instructor: 2002-2010
*Guest PresenterFeatured Lecturer, the St Augustine, FL Genealogical Society, British Gen Fair, Nov 2007
*Family History Expos: Salt Lake City 2009, Mesa AZ 2010, Sheridan, WY 2009
*Generations Project (PBS) series (KBYU TV): March 14th segment, 2010
Moderator, Reviewer, editor, pagecreator

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