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== [[Image:jpgJpg]]   Phillip Dunn, B.A. (British Local History), A.G.®, APG == Phillip is a genealogist with nearly 30 years professional experience in genealogical research procedures and is an  experienced heir-tracer, with two major corporations and local law firm. The son of English parentage, he has lived and studied in the UK, and is a specialist in especially London, Lancashire and Cheshire, military, British subjects abroad, Huguenot, England West Midland, and England big city research.
Phillip a professional genealogist with nearly 30 years professional experience in genealogical research procedures and is experienced heir-tracer, for major corporations. The son of English parentage, he has lived and studied in the UK, and specializes in London, military, British subjects abroad, Huguenot, Lancashire, West Midland, and England big city research.
=== Education ===
*Bachelors: British Local History, BYU (1983) Minor: Public Relations & Organizational Communications/Pipe Organ Pedagogy
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Minor: Public Relations &amp; Organizational Communications/Pipe Organ Pedagogy<br>
=== Credentials ===
Accredited Genealogist® in England: 1983-PresentAccredited Genealogist® in Scotland: 2007-present Work towards AG® in Ireland, late 2010&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [ ICAPGEN], Salt Lake City, UT
Accredited Genealogist® in Scotland: 2007-present&nbsp;&nbsp;ICAPGEN, Salt Lake City, UT&nbsp;<br>Currently working towards AG® in Ireland, late 2010 - with ICAPGEN, Salt Lake City, UT
=== Experience ===
*Sr. Research Consultant, British Research Unit, The Family History Library: 1998-present
*Sr. Project Manager, Family Records Extraction 1993-1998 [England 1851, Canadian 1881 censuses, Temple Ordinance Index, 1880 US census, Ellis Island Index projects]
*Family History Center Support Specialist over British Isles and (old) Commonwealth countries, N. Europe and South Pacific FHCs 1992*British Correspondence Specialist 1982-1991
*Reference Consultant, British Reference Unit, Family History Library: 1979-1991
*Reference Consultant, US/Canada: 1977-1979
*Extraction Director: England 1851 census
=== Lecturer and Presenter at the following locations: ===
*BYU Family History Conferences: 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004, etc.
*BYU Education Week*FFHS Annual Conference on British Genealogy: 2004
*BYU Computer Genealogy Conference: April, 2010
*Featured Speaker, "The London Workshop", Toronto, Ont. Chapt OGS: Nov 2008*Utah Valley University, Continuing Education, Genealogy Instructor: 2002-2010
*Guest Presenter, the St Augustine, FL Genealogical Society, British Gen Fair, Nov 2007
*Family History Expos: Salt Lake City 2009, Mesa AZ 2010, Sheridan, WY 2009*Generations Project (PBS) series (KBYU TV): March 14th segment, 2010)
=== Published ===
*''Journal of the British Isles Family History Society - U.S.A.,'' 2009 *&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; "Scottish Highlanders in America" *''Library Managerment Journal:'' Issue 4/5 2010 *&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; "Managing change and transitions: a comparison of different models Tracing London and their commonalities" *UGA ''Crossroads: ''Various Issues Big City Ancestors from 2006-Present *&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; "Web-Chat" plus many articles *''Links A Home Schooling Publication'': September, 2007 *&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; "Family Time Capsules often contain Family Treasures" *''Everton's Genealogical Helper'': Nov/Dec 2005 *&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; "The Genes in GenealogyAbroad"
=== Classes Taught ===
*Are Your Ancestors Frozen in Time? Tracing the British Abroad *England&nbsp;Genealogical Research *Attacking those BrickWalls Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England's Big Cities!*Canadian Research Solving Old-case &amp; Hard-case Lancashire Ancestry*Finding those Ancestors " A Beginner's Guide" Grace': Tracing English Nonconformist Ancestry*Impact of Technology on Genealogy Legitimacy &amp; Family History Illegitimacy in England Genealogical Research*Lost In Search of Your English London: How to Quick-Find Those Elusive London Ancestors !*Internet Research Researching&nbsp;the 'Big Black Hole': Proving Pre-1837 English Ancestry *LDS Research in a Snap! Cutting-Edge &amp;&nbsp;Gateway&nbsp;Web Sites for British &amp;&nbsp;Irish Ancestry*New Tracing Ancestry in England Research 's Lesser-Used Records Lecture&nbsp;I:&nbsp;&nbsp;Poor-Law Records 1835-1925*The Perfect Social MediaTracing Ancestry in England's Lesser-Used Records Lecture II: Family History &ampnbsp;&nbsp;Tracing the&nbsp;Poor Before 1834&nbsp; Genealogy in Parish Chest Records!*Using Technology to Involve Children Tracing Ancestry in Family History England's Lesser-Used Records Lecture III: Land Tax Assessments, Electoral Rolls, Directories,&ampnbsp; Genealogy *Why Family History?Chancery, n' more
=== Associations ===
[ American-French Genealogical The Society]of Genealogists, Woonsocket, RI London
[ American Library The Association], Chicago, IL of Professional Genealogists
[ Cambridge Family History Society<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1268777148798_76" />], Cambridge, England  [ Mountain Plains Library Association]  [ Tay Valley Family History The National&nbsp;Genealogical Society], Dundee, Scotland  [ Utah Genealogical Association], Salt Lake City&nbsp;Arlington, UT &nbsp;VA
=== Online Activity ===
Blogger: [ Who will tell their stories?]British Heritage&nbsp;Forum&nbsp;  [ Delicious]: Internet&nbsp;Booking  [!/claire.brissonbanks Facebook]  [ Flickr]  [ LibraryThing]
[http Pageflakesorg FamilySearch Wiki]
[http"Expert&nbsp;Connect":// PBWorks] Wiki&nbsp;
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