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[[Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute]]{{·}} [[Albany Institute of History and Art]]{{·}} [[Bronx County Historical Society]]{{·}} [[Brooklyn Historical Society]]{{·}} [[Buffalo and Erie County Public Library]]{{·}} [[Children's Aid Society]]{{·}} [[Cornell University Library]]{{·}} [[Historic Hudson Valley Library]]{{·}} [[Holland Society of New York]]{{·}} [[Huguenot Society of America]]{{·}} [[Leo Baeck Institute]]{{·}} [[Montgomery County Department of History and Archives]]{{·}} [[National Archives at New York City]]{{·}} [[New England Historic Genealogical Society]] (Boston MA){{·}} [[New York City Department of Records]]{{·}} [[New York City Municipal Reference and Research Center]]{{·}} [[New York Foundling Hospital]]{{·}} [[New York Genealogical and Biographical Society]]{{·}} [[New-York Historical Society]]{{·}} [[New York Public Library]]{{·}} [[New York State Archives]]{{·}} [[New York State Council of Genealogical Organizations]]{{·}} New York State Department of Health{{·}} [[New York State Historical Association]]{{·}} [[New York State Library]]{{·}} [[Onondaga Historical Association]]{{·}} [[Queens Historical Society]]{{·}} [[Stadsarchief Amsterdam]] (Netherlands){{·}} [[SUNY Fredonia Reed Library]]{{·}} [[Staten Island Historical Society]]{{·}} [[Steele Memorial Library]]{{·}} [[Western Reserve Historical Society]] (Cleveland, OH)</div>
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