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{{Navbox breadcrumb|name link1= New Hampshire [[United States Genealogy|United States]]|state link2= {{{state[[United States Archives and Libraries|autocollapse}}} U.S. Archives and Libraries]]|style link3= width: 100%; |title = Links to '''[[New Hampshire York, United States Genealogy|New HampshireYork]]'''-related articles|titlestyle link4= text-align: center; |basestyle link5= background: #EEEEEE; [[New York Archives and Libraries|groupstyle = font-size: 85%; padding:0.22em 0; line-height:1.3em;Archives and Libraries]]|liststyle = background: #f3f3f3; font}}{{NY-size: 85%; padding:0.22em 0; line-height:1sidebar}}{{TOC left}}<br>These archives, libraries, and societies preserve sources, maintain indexes, and provide services to help genealogists document their ancestors who lived in New York State.3em;
|group1 = '''Topics''' |list1 = Wiki Articles on Major Repositories for New York ==<div>{{#ifexist: New Hampshire Research Tips and Strategies| '''[[New Hampshire Research Tips Albany Institute of History and Strategies{{!}}Search StrategiesArt]]'''{{·}} | }} {{#ifexist: New Hampshire Record Selection Table| '''[[New Hampshire Record Selection Table{{!}}Record FinderBronx County Historical Society]]'''{{·}} | }} {{#ifexist:New Hampshire Introduction| '''[[New Hampshire Introduction{{!}}IntroductionBrooklyn Historical Society]]'''{{·}} | }} {{#ifexist: African-American Resources for New Hampshire | [[African-American Resources for New Hampshire{{!}}African AmericansBuffalo and Erie County Public Library]]{{·}} | }} [[Indians of New Hampshire{{!}}American IndiansChildren's Aid Society]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Archives and Libraries{{!}}Archives and LibrariesCornell University Library]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Bible Records{{!}}Bible RecordsHistoric Hudson Valley Library]]{{·}} [[Holland Society of New Hampshire Biography{{!}}BiographyYork]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Cemeteries{{!}}CemeteriesHuguenot Society of America]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Census{{!}}CensusLeo Baeck Institute]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Church Records{{!}}Church RecordsMontgomery County Department of History and Archives]]{{·}} [[National Archives at New Hampshire Court Records{{!}}Court RecordsYork City]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Directories{{!}}DirectoriesEngland Historic Genealogical Society]](Boston MA){{·}} [[New Hampshire Divorce Records{{!}}Divorce York City Department of Records]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Emigration York City Municipal Reference and Immigration{{!}}Emigration and ImmigrationResearch Center]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Gazetteers{{!}}GazetteersYork Foundling Hospital]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Compiled Genealogies{{!}}GenealogyYork Genealogical and Biographical Society]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire History{{!}}History-York Historical Society]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Land and Property{{!}}Land and PropertyYork Public Library]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Maps{{!}}MapsYork State Archives]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Military Records{{!}}Military RecordsYork State Council of Genealogical Organizations]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Naturalization and Citizenship{{!}}Naturalization and Citizenship]]York State Department of Health{{·}} [[New Hampshire Newspapers{{!}}NewspapersYork State Historical Association]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Online Genealogy Records{{!}}Online RecordsYork State Library]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Periodicals{{!}}PeriodicalsOnondaga Historical Association]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Probate Records{{!}}Probate RecordsQueens Historical Society]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Societies{{!}}SocietiesStadsarchief Amsterdam]](Netherlands){{·}} {{#ifexist:New Hampshire Taxation| [[New Hampshire Taxation{{!}}TaxationSUNY Fredonia Reed Library]]{{·}} | }} [[New Hampshire Town Records{{!}}Town RecordsStaten Island Historical Society]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire Vital Records{{!}}Vital Records]]{{·}} {{#ifexist:New Hampshire Voting Registers| [[New Hampshire Voting Registers{{!}}Voting RegistersSteele Memorial Library]]{{·}} | }} [[New Hampshire For Further Reading{{!}}'''For Further Reading'''Western Reserve Historical Society]](Cleveland, OH)</divbr>
|group2 = '''Counties''' |list2 =<div>[[Belknap County, Online Records of New Hampshire Genealogy|Belknap]]{{·}} [[Carroll County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Carroll]]{{·}} [[Cheshire County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Cheshire]]{{·}} [[Coös County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Coös]]{{·}} [[Grafton County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Grafton]]{{·}} [[Hillsborough County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Hillsborough]]{{·}} [[Merrimack County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Merrimack]]{{·}} [[Rockingham County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Rockingham]]{{·}} [[Strafford County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Strafford]]{{·}} [[Sullivan County, New Hampshire Genealogy|Sullivan]]</div>York ==
{|group3 style= '''Extinct&nbsp"margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; border: none;Co"| {{Click|Image:NY_ORP.''' png|list3 =<div>[[Albany County, New Hampshire York Online GenealogyRecords|Albany]]{{·left}} [[Dominion of New England]]{{·DCfollowup}} <br>:*'''[ German Genealogy Group] and [Massachusetts Bay Colony Italian Genealogical Group''']]{{·}} [[Norfolk (old) Countyhave indexes to births, marriages, Massachusetts Genealogy|Norfolk (old)]]{{·}} [[Washington Countydeaths, naturalizations and church records in New Hampshire Genealogy|Washington]]York City and Long Island.<br></divbr>
|group4 = '''Major'''<br>'''= National Repositories''' |list4 ==<div>[[Allen County Public Library]] (Ft. Wayne IN){{·}} [[American Antiquarian Society]] (Worcester MA){{·}} [[American-Canadian Genealogical Society]]{{·}} [[Division of Archives and Records Management]]{{·}} [[Division of Vital Records Administration]]{{·}} [[Dover Public Library]]{{·}} [[Haverhill Public Library]] (Haverhill MA){{·}} [[Massachusetts State Archives]] (Boston MA){{·}} [[National Archives at Boston]] (Waltham MA){{·}} [[Nashua Public Library]]{{·}} [[New England Historic Genealogical Society]] (Boston MA){{·}} [[New Hampshire Historical Society Library]]{{·}} [[New Hampshire State Library]]{{·}} [[University of New Hampshire Dimond Library]]{{·}} [[Vermont Historical Society Leahy Library]] (Barre VT)</div>
|group5 = == [[Huguenot Society of America]] ===Library<br>20 West 44th Street #510<br>New York, NY 10036<br>Telephone: 212-755-0592<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ The Huguenot Society of America]:Largest Huguenot collection outside of London, including records from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, and colonial America since the 1600s.<ref name="DB81" /> Topics: Huguenot history in France, Huguenot history in other countries, church history, French history, American history, biography, genealogy, manuscripts, societies, periodicals, and theology.<ref>[ Library] in '''Early&nbsp;Routes'Huguenot Society of America'' (accessed 19 November 2013).</ref><br><br>|list5 }=== <div>[[Connecticut RiverNational Archives at New York City]]{{·}} ===[[Merrimack RiverImage:NYC Custom-house-l.jpg|thumb|right|250px|National Archives at NYC in the Hamilton U.S. Customs House in Manhattan]]{{·}} Alexander Hamilton U.S. Customs House<br>One Bowling Green<br>New York, NY 10004<br>Telephone: Toll-free 866-840-1752 or 212-401-1620<br>Fax: 212-401-1638<br>Website: [[Saco River] National Archives at New York City]:This branch of the National Archives has records created by federal agencies and courts in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The archives has naturalization records, internal revenue service records, customs lists, and records of the U.S. District Court of Appeals. They also have microfilms of all available federal census records, many naturalization records, court records, passenger lists for New York City and other ports, Revolutionary War military records, some Civil War service indexes, and World War I draft registrations. The staff will make photocopies for a fee.<ref name="DB81">William Dollarhide and Ronald A. Bremer. ''America's Best Genealogy Resource Centers'' (Bountiful, Utah: Heritage Quest, 1998), 81. {{·WorldCat|39493985|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}} [[Kennebunk Road]]. {{·FHL|728550|item|disp=FHL Ref Book 973 J54d}} [[King's Highway]].</divref><br><br>
=== [[New York Public Library]] ===[[Image:New York Public Library exterior.jpg|thumb|right|250px|New York Public Library in Manhattan]]U.S. History, Local History &amp; Genealogy Division<br>Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, Room 315S<br>New York, NY 10018-2788<br>Tel: 212-930-0829<br>E-mail: [ Ask a librarian]<br>Website: [ New York Public Library] :NYPL is one of the largest research libraries in the world including excellent genealogical resources. The library has city and telephone directories, vital records indexes, local histories, genealogies, federal and state censuses, passenger lists, genealogical collections (including DAR transcripts), and church records.<ref name="DB81" /> For maps, write to the Map Division at the same address. Guides and catalogs to this important library include: :*New York Public Library: Research Libraries, ''Dictionary Catalog of the Local History and Genealogy Division'', 18 Volumes and four suppelments. (Boston, Massachusetts: G.K. Hall, 1974). {{WorldCat|1131075|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|137032|title-id|disp=FHL Q Book 974.71 A3nd}}.<br> :*Sam P. Williams, ''Guide to the Research Collections of the New York Public Library'' (Chicago, Illinois: American Library Association, 1975). {{WorldCat|1365290|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|203628|title-id|disp=FHL Book 974.71 A3w}}.<br> :*Estelle M. Guzik, ''Genealogical Resources in New York'' (New York: Jewish Genealogical Society, 2003), 137-86. {{WorldCat|52199100|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|1121308|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 D27gg}}. :*The [ New York Public Library Picture Collection] covers over 12,000 subjects and is a valuable tool to researchers and others.<br><br> == State Repositories == === [[Holland Society of New York]] ===Library, 5th floor<br>20 West 44th Street #509<br>New York, NY 10036<br>Telephohe: 212-758-1675<br>Fax: 212- 758-2232<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ The Holland Society of New York]:Emphasis is on the early Dutch, but their collection actually also includes all ethnic groups of the Atlantic coast and colonial America.<ref name="DB81" /> For New Netherland studies, especially genealogy and family history, 3,000 regional histories (present day New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ohio), 3,000 family histories and genealogies, and 1,000 books on genealogical research, early American history, the Netherlands, Dutch language, art, and architecture, and religion, including Dutch Reformed Church parish records.<ref>[ Publications and Library] in ''The Holland Society of New York'' (accessed 19 November 2013).</ref><br><br>[[File:New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.jpg|thumb|right|280px|NY Genealogical & Biographical Soc. in NYC]] === New York Geneal and Biographical Society ==='''[[New York Genealogical and Biographical Society]]'''<br>36 West 44th Street, Suite 711<br>New York, NY 10036-8105<br>Telephone: 212-755-8532<br>Fax: 212-754-4218<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ New York Genealogical and Biographical Society]<br>:Their digital collections and online guides are their strength now that their book collection is in the [[New York Public Library]]. Members are welcome to visit by appointment. NYGBS focuses is on publications, quality educational programing, and their website.<ref>[ About the NYG&BS] in ''New York Genealogical and Biographical Society'' (accessed 27 March 2017).</ref><br><br> === [[New-York Historical Society]] ===[[Image:Newyorkhistoricalsociety.jpg|thumb|right|250px|New-York Historical Society in Manhattan]]170 Central Park West<br>New York, NY 10024<br>Tel: 212-873-3400<br>Fax: 212-875-1591<br>E-mail: [ Library Reference Form]<br>Website: [ New-York Historical Society Museum {{amp}} Library]:The historical society has extensive collections of manuscripts, newspapers, periodicals, histories, city directories, maps, and photographs.<ref name="DB81" /> Major topics: New York City and State history, colonial history, American military history, religions, slave trading, biography and genealogy, and New York City photographs, and records of several major charities such as the [[Children's Aid Society]], and the [[New York Foundling Hospital]] (which were both involved in the [[National Orphan Train Complex|orphan train movement]] sending orphans away from big cities into rural foster care).<ref>[ Patricia D. Klingenstein Library] in ''New-York Historical Society Museum and Library'' (accessed 19 November 2013).</ref> A helpful guide is :*Arthur J. Breton, ''A Guide to the Manuscript Collections of the New-York Historical Society'', 2 vols. (Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1972). {{WorldCat|446043|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|413300|title-id|disp=FHL Book 974.7 H23b}}).<br><br> === [[New York State Archives]] ===[[Image:New York State Cultural Center2.jpg|thumb|right|250px|New York State Cultural Center in Albany]]Cultural Education Center<br>222 Madison Ave<br>Albany, NY 12230<br>Telephone: 518-474-5161<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ New York State Archives] and [ Genealogical Records at the Archives] :The New York State Archives has the original records of New York government jurisdictions. The collection includes manuscripts, statewide vital records indexes, documents relating to land grants, land survey maps, alien deposition records, military records, state court records, [ prison and reformatory records], [[Erie Canal|Erie Canal]] passenger lists for 1827–1829, [ wills, and estate records]. The archives collection also has microfilms of some state censuses and the [ original census returns for 1915 and 1925].<ref name="DB83">Dollarhide and Bremer, 83.</ref> <ref>[ Research] in ''New York State Archives'' (accessed 19 November 2013).</ref>:The Family History Library has very few of the state archives records on microfilm. The state archives makes photocopies and performs limited searches of indexed records for a fee, but it does not circulate microfilms of land and vital records. The guide to the collection is <br> :*''Guide to Records in the New York State Archives'', 2nd ed. (Albany, New York: State Archives and Records Administration, 1993). {{WorldCat|28316410|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|687613|title-id|disp=FHL Book 974.7 A3ns 1993}}.<br><br> === New York State Department of Health ===Vital Records Section ('''mailing address''')<br>Genealogy Unit<br>P.O. Box 2602<br>Albany, NY 12220-2602<br>:800 North Pearl Street ('''street address''')<br>2nd Floor - Room 200<br>Menands, NY 12204<br>Telephone: 855-322-1022<br>Website: [ Genealogy Records and Resources]:The NY State Department of Health (DOH) '''does have''' most New York State birth, marriage, and death records '''since 1881'''. For a fee they provide uncertified genealogical copies for:::*'''''Births''''' - if on file for at least 75 years and the person whose name is on the birth certificate is known to be deceased.::*'''''Marriages''''' - if on file for at least 50 years and both spouses are known to be deceased.::*'''''Deaths''''' - if on file for at least 50 years.::'''Except'''::::*DOH does '''not''' have '''''New York City''''' records. (However, for the boroughs of Queens and Richmond the DOH '''''does have''''' '''births''' 1881-1897). :::*DOH does '''not''' have '''''Albany''''' records 1881-1913:::*DOH does '''not''' have '''''Buffalo''''' records 1881-1913:::*DOH does '''not''' have '''''Yonkers''''' records 1881-1913:::For '''New York City''' records see '''[[New York City Department of Records]]'''. For births and deaths before 1914 in '''Albany''', '''Buffalo''', or '''Yonkers''' contact the [ city registrar]; or for marriages before 1914 contact the [ city clerk]. ::'''Waived time-period restrictions.''' The BMD time-period restrictions are waived for direct-line descendants who provide I.D., their relationship, and evidence of the death of the person or couple whose record is being requested.<ref>[ Genealogy Records and Resources] in ''New York State Department of Health'' (accessed 4 May 2017).</ref>:The New York State DOH also has all New York '''divorce''' records and indexes since 1963.:For mail-in service use their '''[ Mail-in Application for Genealogical Services]''' (pdf) form:'''Vital Records Indexes''' :*The DOH makes available [ microfiche BMD indexes].<ref name="SA">[ Birth, Marriage, and Death Records] in ''New York State Archives'' (accessed 6 May 2017).</ref> The indexes cover the entire state of New York '''outside New York City:'''::*'''births indexes''' are made available after 75 years::*'''marriage and death indexes''' are made available after 50 years.::Some years of indexes are arranged by [[Soundex|SOUNDEX]] number. The microfiche indexes are available '''only''' at [ 11 repositories] around the State of New York.:*Online indexes to some '''New York City''' vital records are available at the '''[ Italian Genealogical Group website]'''.:'''Other Sources of New York Vital Records''' :*Some upstate cities began recording some vital events a few years prior to 1880: '''''Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Elmira, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica,''''' and '''''Yonkers'''''. For further information contact the city clerk's office. Some county clerks hold marriage records for the period from 1908-1935.<ref name="SA" />:*For an extra fee you also can order official New York vital records online through the private company '''[ VitalChek New York]'''.:*For New York marriages 1753-1783 see New York. Secretary of State, ''Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York, Previous to 1784'' (Albany, New York : Weed, Parsons & Co., 1860) ([ Online digital version]; {{WorldCat|866730981}}; [ FHL Film 514675 Item&nbsp;1; FHL Book 974.7 V2t]):'''''See also''''' the '''[[New York Vital Records]]''' and the '''[[New_York_City,_New_York_Genealogy#Vital_Records|New York City, New York (Vital Records section)]]''' Wiki articles.<br><br> === [[New York State Library]] ===[[Image:New York State Cultural Center2.jpg|thumb|right|250px|New York State Cultural Center in Albany]]Cultural Education Center<br>222 Madison Ave<br>Albany, NY 12230<br>Telephone: 518-474-5161<br>Fax: 518-474-5786<br>E-mail: [ E-mail Reference Requests]<br>Website: [ New York State Library]:The Humanities-History section has local histories, genealogies, atlases, church and cemetery records (including the Daughters of the American Revolution collection), city directories, microfilmed newspapers, microfilmed federal and state censuses, microfilmed passenger lists, and periodicals. The Manuscripts and Special Collections Section houses nongovernmental maps and manuscripts. The library staff will make photocopies for a fee.</ref> <ref>[ Genealogy] at ''New York State Library'' (accessed 19 November 2013).</ref> Catalogs and guides to the library's genealogical holdings include: :*Melinda Yates, ''Gateway to America: Genealogical Research in the New York State Library, 2nd ed.'' (Albany, N.Y.: University of the state of New York, State Education Dept., New York State Library, 1982). {{WorldCat|12235484|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|655753|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 D23y}}. :*''New York State Library Card Catalog File of Vital Records in the History and Genealogy Section'' ([Albany, New York: New York State Library, Photoduplication Department, 1979?]). {{WorldCat|760204979|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|165646|item|disp=FHL Fiche 6332544}}. Microfiche of hand and typewritten cards. :*New York State Library (Albany, New York), ''Surname Card Index'' ([Albany, New York: New York State Library, Photoduplication Unit, 1979?]). {{FHL|220918|item|disp=FHL Fiche 6331486}}. Surname catalog of the American History and Genealogy section of the New York State Library. :*The New York State Library also has over two dozen [ genealogy research topic guides] online.<br><br> == Regional Repositories == === [[Albany Institute of History and Art]] ===[[Image:AlbanyInstituteofHistoryandArt.JPG|thumb|right|250px|Albany Institute of History and Art]]125 Washington Ave<br>Albany, NY 12210<br>Telephone: 518-463-4478<br>Fax: 518-462-1522<br>Website: [ Albany Institute of History {{amp}} Art]:One of the best U.S. collections on the economic and social life and culture of Albany and the upper Hudson Valley region, including the best indexes to original records, documents, 1000 linear feet of manuscripts, 85,000 photographs, Bibles, and rare books of families from the 1600s through the colonial period to the present.</ref> <ref>[ A Brief History] in ''Albany Institute of History and Art'' (19 November 2013).</ref><br><br> === [[Bronx County Historical Society]] ===Research Library<br>3309 Bainbridge Avenue<br>The Bronx, NY 10467<br>Telephone: 718-881-8900<br>Fax: 718-881-4827<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ Bronx County Historical Society]:Very large collection of manuscripts, biographical files, family folders, obituaries, cemetery transcripts, city directories, maps, photos, marriage records, and books with a cross-indexed card file covering the history of the Bronx, New York City, and Westchester County.<ref name="DB81" /> <ref>[ Research Library and Archives] in ''Bronx County Historical Society'' (accessed 21 November 2013).</ref><br><br> === [[Brooklyn Historical Society]] ===[[Image:Brooklyn-historical-society.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Brooklyn Historical Society]]Othmer Library<br>128 Pierrepont Street<br>Brooklyn, NY 11201<br>Telephone: 718-222-4111<br>Fax: 718-222-3794<br>E-mail: [ Ask a Question]<br>Website: [ Brooklyn Historical Society]:General history, especially the natural, civil, literary, and ecclesiastical history of the United States, the State of New York, and villages of Long Island, personal and family papers, municipal records from the towns and villages that consolidated into Brooklyn, Dutch and English settlement on Long Island, and New England immigrants to Suffolk County. Great indexes to family names.<ref name="DB81" /> <ref>[ The Othmer Library] in ''Brooklyn Historical Society'' (accessed 21 November 2013).</ref> See :*Karin N. Mango, comp., ''The Long Island Historical Society Calendar of Manuscripts: 1763–1783'' (New York: Publishing Center for Cultural Resources, 1980). {{FHL|87833|title-id|disp=FHL Book 974.721 A3L}}.<br><br> === [[Buffalo and Erie County Public Library]] ===1 Lafayette Square<br>Buffalo , NY 14203<br>Telephone: 716-858-8900<br>E-mail: [ Email Us]<br>Website: [ Buffalo {{amp}} Erie County Public Library]:Good genealogy collection with good indexes, many biographies, family folders, county and local histories for the entire state.</ref> 25,000 local histories, 5,500 genealogies, city directories, ''New York State Vital Records Index'', local vital records, 110-drawer card index of the Local History File about people, places, and things in Western NY, church and cemetery records, genealogical and local history periodicals, newspapers, maps, military histories, ethnic research resources, indices to passenger lists, immigrant ships, and English parish records.<ref>[ Genealogy Collection] in ''Buffalo and Erie County Public Library'' (accessed 21 November 2013).</ref><br><br>[[Image:Children's Aid Society.JPG|thumb|right|375px|Children's Aid Society in Manhattan]]=== [[Children's Aid Society]] ===105 East 22nd Street<br>New York, NY 10010<br>Telephone: 212-949-4800<br>Website: [ The Children's Aid Society]:This was one of two major organizations contributing to the [[National Orphan Train Complex|orphan train movement]]. Part of their archives are at the [[New-York Historical Society]].<br><br>[[Image:Cornell Olin Library 3.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Cornell Olin Library in Ithaca]]=== [[Cornell University Library]] ===Cornell University<br>Ithaca, NY 14853-5301<br>Telephone: 607-255-3393<br>Fax: 607-255-6788<br>Email: [ Ask a Librarian]<br>Website: [ Cornell University Library] :*Cornell University has a large collection of Protestant church records for western New York, as well as histories, maps, newspapers, and New York censuses. Rare books and manuscripts are outstanding, and they publish the best research guides to New York counties.<ref name="DB83" /> They also have Africana, American Indian, and Latino collections.<ref>[ History: A Guide to United States Historical Research at Cornell] in ''Cornell University Library'' (accessed 23 November 2013).</ref> <br><br> === [[Historic Hudson Valley Library]] ===639 Bedford Road<br>Tarrytown, NY 10591<br>Telephone: 914-366-6901<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ Historic Hudson Valley Library]:By appointment only. This library has unique sources for early Hudson River migration, steamboats, industries, and culture.</ref> 4,000 rare books, 3,000 manuscripts, as well as maps, pamphlets, and microfilm to explain the cultural and historical significance of the Hudson River Valley<ref>[ Library] in ''Historic Hudson Valley'' (accessed 22 November 2013).</ref><br><br> === [[Leo Baeck Institute]] ===[[File:Center for Jewish History NYC.jpg|thumb|right|280px|<center>Center for Jewish History (Leo Baeck Institute) in Manhattan</center>]]Center for Jewish History<br>15 West 16th Street<br>(Between 5th & 6th Avenues)<br>New York, NY 10011<br>Telephone: 212-744-6400 or 212-294-8340<br>E-mail: [ Ask a Librarian form]<br>Website: [ Leo Baeck Institute—New York|Berlin]:Leo Baeck Institute is devoted to the history and culture of German-speaking Jews.<ref>[ Home] in ''Leo Baeck Institute—New York|Berlin'' (accessed 6 May 2016).</ref> They preserve family and community histories about Jews in German speaking countries.<br><br> === [[Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute]] ===Center for Jewish History<br>15 West 16th St., New York, NY 10011<br>(917) 606-8217<br><br><br>The Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute provides access to a wealth of genealogical resources through the Center for Jewish History’s partner collections and the Institute’s extensive reference collection, online databases, and research guides. The partners’ archives comprise the world’s largest and most comprehensive archive of the modern Jewish experience outside of Israel. The collections span a thousand years, with more than 5 miles of archival documents (in dozens of languages and alphabet systems) and more than 500,000 volumes, including family and community histories, memoirs, newspapers, and photographs, as well as records of communal, cultural, political and professional organizations.<br><br> === Montgomery County Dept. of History ===[[Image:Old Montgomery Co Courthouse NY.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Old Montgomery Co Courthouse NY]]'''[[Montgomery County Department of History and Archives]]'''<br>Old Court House, P. O. Box 1500<br>9 Park Street<br>Fonda, NY 12068-1500<br>Tel: 518-853-8186 or 518-853-8187<br>Fax: 518-853-8392<br>Website: [ Welcome to Montgomery County History &amp; Archives]  :This county archives has the largest collection of family genealogies, church record transcripts, local histories, and town records for the Mohawk Valley, and for upstate New York.</ref> A guide is :*Violet Fallone, comp., ''Catalogue of Historical and Genealogical Material in the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives'', rev ed. (Fonda, New York: Montgomery County Department of History and Archives, 2005). {{WorldCat|74492316|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|184874|title-id|disp=FHL Film 1320716 item 2; Book 974.746/F2 A3r}}.<br><br> === [[New York City Department of Records]] ===[[File:Surrogate's Courthouse Hall of Records 31 Chambers Street from west.jpg|thumb|right|250px|NYC Dept of Records in Manhattan]]Municipal Archives<br>31 Chambers Street, Room 103<br>New York, NY 10007<br>Tel: 212-788-8580<br>Website: [ NYC Department of Records: Genealogy]:From Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island births prior to 1910; deaths reported prior to 1949; and marriages reported prior to 1930. Also, the 1890 police census, state censuses, city directories, voter registrations, cemetery records, almshouse records, coroner records, court records, photos, and municipal government records.<ref>[ Collections] in ''NYC Department of Records'' (accessed 22 November 2013).</ref><br><br> === New York City Municipal Research Center ===[[File:Surrogate's Courthouse Hall of Records 31 Chambers Street from west.jpg|thumb|right|250px|NYC Muni Research Cntr in Manhattan]]'''[[New York City Municipal Reference and Research Center]]'''<br>31 Chambers Street, Room 112<br>New York NY 10007<br>Telephone: 212-788-8590<br>Fax: 212-788-8589<br>E-mail: [ Contact Us]<br>Website: [ NYC Department of Records: Municipal Library]:Come here for street name origins, and city council papers.<ref name="DB81" /> See also [ A Guide to Former Street Names in Manhattan].<br><br> === [[New York Foundling Hospital]] ===[[Image:New York Foundling Hospital entrance.jpg|thumb|right|250px|NY Foundling Hospital in Manhattan]]Record Information Department<br>Attn: Yvonne Wintz<br>590 Avenue of the Americas<br>New York, NY 10011<br>Telephone: 212-206-4171<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ The New York Foundling]:This was one of two major organizations contributing to the [[National Orphan Train Complex|orphan train movement]]. Part of their archives are at the [[New-York Historical Society]].<br><br> === [[New York State Historical Association]] ===(NYSHA)<br>Research Library<br>5798 State Route 80<br>Cooperstown, NY 13326<br>Telephone: 607-547-1470<br>Fax: 607-547-1405<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ New York State Historical Association]:Very large collection, but has more sources for upstate New York, including manuscripts, periodicals, family folders, books, maps, biographies, county histories, genealogies of New York State families, church and cemetery records, newspaper indexes, census records (1790-1930), and city directories.</ref> <ref>[ Collections] in ''NYSHA'' (accessed 22 November 2013).</ref> <br><br> === [[Onondaga Historical Association]] ===Library<br>321 Montgomery Street<br>Syracuse, NY. 13202<br>Telephone:315-428-1864<br>Fax: 315-471-2133<br>E-mail: [ Contact Us]]<br>Website: [ Onondaga Historical Association] :Very large collection of 10,000 family folders for northeastern families, histories of Syracuse and Onondaga counties, photographs, diaries, correspondence, business records, maps, newspapers, and African American sources.</ref> <ref>[ Public Research Center] in ''Onondaga Historical Association'' (accessed 22 November 2013).</ref><br><br> === [[Queens Historical Society]] ===Library<br>143-35 37th Ave<br>Flushing, NY 11354<br>Telephone: 718-939-0647<br>Fax: 718-539-988<br>E-mail: [ Contact the Queens Historical Society]<br>Website: [ The Queens Historical Society] :Large facility with many indexes to biographies, local and American histories, maps, atlases, manuscripts, photographs, family papers, rare books, and genealogies<ref name="DB81" /> <ref>[ Library and Collections] in ''Queens Historical Society'' (accessed 22 November 2013).</ref><br><br> === [[SUNY Fredonia Reed Library]] ==={{Multiple image| align = right| direction = horizontal| width = 300| image1 = Holland Land Co holdings in NY & PA.png| caption1 = | image2 = Reed Library Fredonia.jpg| caption2 = <center>Reed Library at SUNY Fredonia in New York</center>}}State University of New York<br>280 Central Ave<br>Fredonia, NY 14063<br>Telephone: Library 716-673-3184; Special Collections 716-673-3183;<br>Fax: Special Collections 716-673-3185<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ The State University of New York at Fredonia Daniel A. Reed Library]<br>Website: [ Holland Land Company] historical background, contents, inventory, supplementary collections, and Holland Land Company records in other libraries.:The '''Daniel A. Reed Library''' at the State University of New York at Fredonia has indexes to, and most of the original patents (first deeds) showing the transfer of land ownership between 1801 and 1840 from the '''[[New_York_Land_and_Property#Land_Companies|Holland Land Company]]''' (1789-1869) to private individuals in western New York and Pennsylvania. Some names on the patents could be fictitious.<ref name="DB83" /> Their other collections also include American Indian records including primarily the Seneca, with some for the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, and Tuscarora tribes, local histories for Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties, and the bordering counties in New York and Pennsylvania, manuscripts including church papers, and databases.<ref>[ Archives and Special Collections] in ''SUNY Fredonia'' (accessed 19 November 2013).</ref><br><br> === [[Staten Island Historical Society]] ===Library<br>441 Clarke Avenue<br> Staten Island 10306-1198<br>Telephone: 718-351-1611 (Society)<br>718-351-1617 (Museum)<br>Fax: 718-351-6057<br>Website: [ Staten Island Historical Society]:Staten Island was a gateway to immigrants who moved farther west. The Society's collection emphasizes colonial records, but includes the WPA index cards of deeds, ''Vosburgh Church Indexes'' of tombstone inscriptions and dozen churches (not Catholic), genealogical correspondence, city directories back to 1883/1884, real estate and insurance maps, and photos organized by town, then street.<ref name="DB81" /> <ref>[ Staten Island Historical Society] in ''RootsWeb'' (accessed 22 November 2013).</ref><br><br> === [[Steele Memorial Library]] ===101 E Church Street<br>Elmira, NY 14901<br>Telephone: 607-733-9173<br>E-mail: [ Contact Us]<br>Website: [ Chemung County Library District Genealogy Department]:Good indexes for biographies, genealogies, family folders, periodicals and manuscripts, obituary index, vital records index, NY county histories, newspapers, censuses, Chemung County Catholic Church records 1848-1910, and genealogical periodicals.</ref> <ref>[ Genealogy Collection] in ''Chemung County Library District'' (accessed 22 November 2013).</ref><br><br> == Outside of New York Repositories ==[[Image:NEHGS Newbury Street.jpg|thumb|right|210px|NEHGS 101 Newbury St in Boston]]=== [[New England Historic Genealogical Society]] ===101 Newbury Street<br>Boston, Massachusetts 02116-3007<br>Telephone: &nbsp;617-536-5740; Library 617-226-1231<br>Fax: &nbsp;617-536-7307<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ American Ancestors by New England Historic Genealogical Society]:Has an excellent '''New York''' collection, especially county and local histories, newspapers, and the [ New York Abstracts of Wills, Administrations, and Guardianships 1787-1835] from 51 NY counties.<ref name="Wik">[ New England Historic Genealogical Society] in ''Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia'' (accessed 30 August 2010).</ref> <ref>[ Using the NEHGS Library] in ''American Ancestors'' (accessed 21 September 2015).</ref> <ref name="DB55759">Dollarhide and Bremer, 5, 57, and 59.</ref><br><br> === [[Stadsarchief Amsterdam]] ===[[Image:Stadsarchief Amsterdam.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Stadsarchief Amsterdam in Netherlands]](Amsterdam Municipal Archives)<br>Amsteldijk 67<br>1074 HZ Amsterdam<br>Netherlands<br>Tel: (020) 664 6916<noincludebr>Fax: (020) 675 0596<br>Website: [ Stadsarchief Amsterdam]:These archives contain early Dutch notarial records about what is now New York State, the Holland Land Company (1789-1869) land grant papers for western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania (also available from the {{documentationFHL|20454|item|disp=Family History Library}}), and records of some early New York settlers living in Amsterdam before moving to America.<br><br> === [[Western Reserve Historical Society]] ===[[Image:Connecticut Western Reserve in northeast Ohio.png|thumb|right|280px|Western Reserve Hist Soc in Cleveland OH]]10825 East Boulevard <br>Cleveland, Ohio 44106-1788 <br>Telephone: 216-721-5722 x1509 <br>Fax: 216-721-0645 <br>E-mail: [] <br>Website: [ Family History and Genealogical Research]:The Western Reserve was a large part of Ohio at first intended for settlement by '''Connecticut''' Revolutionary War refugees. The '''Research Library''' at the '''''Western Reserve Historical Society''''' ''History Center&nbsp;'' is the premier repository for Cleveland, Ohio and the ''Connecticut Western Reserve&nbsp;'' history material. This important collection includes original land records, as well as many genealogies, biographies, histories, and Bibles from Pennsylvania, '''New York''', and New England.<ref name="DB89">Dollarhide and Bremer, 89.</ref> Includes over 20 million manuscripts for genealogical research and northeast Ohio history. They have the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Shaker materials. Other important collections include the American Civil War, and the automotive industry.<ref>[ Significant Collections] in ''Western Reserve Historical Society'' (accessed 27 February 2015).</noincluderef>:*Kermit J. Pike, ''A Guide to the Manuscripts and Archives of the Western Reserve Historical Society'' (Cleveland, Ohio: Western Reserve Historical Society, 1972). {{WorldCat|483574}}; {{FHL|94342|item|disp=FHL Book 977.1 A3p}}.<noincludebr>:*Western Reserve Historical Society. History Library. ''Card Catalog to the Manuscripts Collection in the Library of the Western Reserve Historical Society'' (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1974). {{WorldCat|865891564}}; {{FHL|210248|item|disp=FHL Films 934566-69; 934617-18}}.<br><br> == Family History Centers ==Some of the above collections are partially duplicated at the [[Family History Library]] and its branch '''[[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|Family History Centers]]''' around the world. Most centers can help you by: *Giving you limited, personal, one-on-one research suggestions (but they do not do research for you)*Providing access to genealogical records through the premium online Internet '''[[Family History Center Portal|FHC Portal]]'''.*Offering free how-to classes (varies by location) *Fostering contact between genealogical enthusiasts [[File:Manhattan-new-york-808x480-AV051230 cah005.jpg|thumb|right|280px|NYC Family History Center in Manhattan]]There are several [[:Category:Templates_for_NH_pagesNew York Family History Centers|centers located in New York]], ''for example:'' ::[[New York City New York Family History Center]]<br>125 Columbus Ave 1st Floor<br>New York City, New York USA<br>Telephone: 212-799-2414:::Each center is staffed by volunteers and has varying hours and services. Telephone in advance to verify their hours.To locate one of these 4,500 centers in your own neighborhood, see [http:/noinclude/ Find a Family History Center].<br><br== For Further Reading ==*Estelle M. Guzik, ed., ''Genealogical Resources in New York'' (New York: Jewish Genealogical Society, 2003). {{WorldCat|52199100|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|1121308|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 D27gg}}. Information on more than 100 archives, including 52 government agencies and courts, 32 libraries, and 20 other archives in the New York metropolitan area. *Barbara Kronman, ''The Guide to New York City Public Records'', 4th ed. (New York: Public Interest Clearinghouse, 1992). {{WorldCat|17670722|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|640284|title-id|disp=FHL Book 974.71 A3k}}. Includes chapters on city government, courts, libraries, and personal information. Shows how to obtain vital records, name change records, and naturalizations. *Alice Eichholtz, ed., ''Ancestry's Red Book: American State, County and Town Sources'', Rev. ed. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Ancestry, 1992). {{WorldCat|55947869|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|479190|title-id|disp=FHL Book 973 D27rb 1992}}). Includes addresses of county courthouses, surrogate courts, and county records centers. *Elizabeth Petty Bentley, comp., ''County Courthouse Book'' (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing, 1995). {{WorldCat|33396232|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. {{FHL|754831|title-id|disp=FHL Book 973 D24bena}}). Addresses of county courthouses and some town clerk's offices and surrogate's court offices along with brief descriptions of holdings and services. *Cornell University has published a series of guides to the records in each of New York's counties (except Nassau and Suffolk). The series is titled ''Guide to historical resources in _______ County, New York, repositories''. These guides inventory records, including family history and genealogy, at 1,700 historical societies and libraries, but they do not include public records at courthouses. They are listed in the FamilySearch Catalog '''''Author Search&nbsp;''''' under {{FHL|332945|author_id|disp=Cornell University. New York Historical Resources Center}}. New York County has 7 volumes; Kings County has 3 volumes; and Chautauqua County has an added update. *Similar unpublished material for most other counties is at the [ New York State Archives].<br><br> == References == {{reflist}}<br><br> {{New York|New York}}{{U.S. Archives and Libraries}} {{-}} </div> [[Category:New_York_Archives_and_Libraries|Archives and Libraries]] [[Category:United_States_Repositories]]
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