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==CountiesSweden Clickable Map ==
'''Click on the map or the county list to link to detailed research instructions for each county.'''<br><br>
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== Counties ==
Collections by SVAR, Arkiv Digital, Genline or the FamilySearch Catalog are organized by Swedish ''län'' (usually called county in English). In compliance with the Constitution of 1634, the kingdom was organized into counties (called Län in Swedish.) At this time each province (called [[Provinces of Sweden|Landskap]]) turned over its civil authority to the county administration. Through the years there have been many changes to the county structure. Some counties were added and others were dissolved. This map represents the county structure as it was in the mid 1900s. It also matches the county structure used in the FamilySearch Catalog. For further reading on the changes through the years see [[History of Swedish Counties|History of Swedish Counties]].
{{Sweden Image Map}}
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