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:The Geffrye explores the home and the way people live. Our collections show how homes have been used and furnished over the past 400 years, reflecting changes in society and behaviour as well as style, fashion and taste. A series of period rooms lead visitors on a walk through time from 17th century oak furniture and panelling, past muted Georgian elegance and eclectic Victorian style, to 20th century modernity and contemporary living.
=== Gunnersbury Park Museum ===
'''Gunnersbury Park Museum'''<br>Gunnersbury Park<br>Popes Ln<br>London W3 8LQ UK<br>Telephone: 20 8992 1612<br>Email: []<br>Website [ Gunnersbury Park Museum]
:The museum was opened in 1929. Since then it has collected a wide range of objects, paintings and photographs which reflect life in Ealing and Hounslow Boroughs from prehistory to the present day. It still continues to collect material to make sure that visitors in the future will be able to see how we lived today.
=== Hackney Museum ===
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