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:At our Archives, view books, directories, maps, newspapers, images, local government records, electoral and parish registers, census returns and more relating to family, local and business history.
=== Ealing Local History Centre ===
'''Ealing Local History Centre'''<br>Central Library<br>103 Ealing Broadway Centre<br>The Broadway<br>London, England W5 5JY UK<br>Telephone: 020 3700 1055<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: [ Ealing Local History Centre]
:Based in Ealing Central Library, the Local History Centre is the archive of the London Borough of Ealing. Our focus is on making Ealing’s past more readily available and understandable to people in the present. We assist researchers of all kinds and hold over 45,000 archival items and 20,000 photographs, plus many books and microfilms to help you learn about the rich and forgotten history of the borough.
=== London Metropolitan Archives ===
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