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== Museums ==
=== Ragged School Museum ===
'''Ragged School Museum'''<br>46-50 Copperfield Road<br>London E3 4RR UK<br>Telephone: 20 8980 6405<br>Email: []<br>
Website: [ Ragged School Museum]
:The Ragged School Museum is housed in a group of three canalside buildings which once formed the largest “ragged” or free school in London. The museum was founded to make the history of the Ragged Schools and the broader social history of the Victorian East End accessible to all. Within the original buildings, an authentic Victorian Classroom has been set up where each year some 16,000 children experience a school lesson as it would have been taught more than 100 years ago.
:We have also recreated a Victorian East End Kitchen from the 1900s, demonstrating what life would have been like in a simple, one-room home with no electricity or running water. The museum has several gallery areas, a reconstructed Victorian Classroom and a Victorian East End Kitchen displaying its own collection of historical objects, all designed for hands-on inspection. This is a museum where you can sit at the school desks, use the tin bath and experience what life was like for the Victorian poor of the East End of London.
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