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:*West Virginia '''divorce indexes''' 1967-present
:'''Certified copies.''' Certificates are hand abstracted from the original source document. The person on a certificate, parents, grandparents, wife, husband, child, grandchild, brother, or sister of the person on a certificate may request a copy. Close relatives can obtain certified copies of BMD, and divorce records from the West Virginia Vital Registration Office in these ways:<ref>[ Requesting WV Vital Records] in ''Vital Registration'' in WV DHHR Health Statistics Center (accessed 15 May 2017).</ref>
:*'''In person.''' Fastest delivery. Their fee must be paid by cash, check, or money order.:*'''By mail.''' Slowest delivery. See their '''[ Certificate Request Forms]''' Internet page. Their fee must be paid by cash, check, or money order.
:*'''Online, or by telephone, or fax.''' You can use a credit card to pay their fee and request express delivery of an official West Virginia certified copy of a vital record for an extra fee from the private company '''[ VitalChek West Virginia]'''.
:'''Genealogical research.''' A good resource for West Virginia genealogical vital record information is the '''[[West Virginia Archives and History]] Library''' in Charleston. Among other sources, they have early (pre-1917) county birth and death records. For marriage records prior to 1964 contact the county clerk of the county where the license was obtained.<ref name="VRGen" />
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