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=== [[Virginia Historical Society]] ===
[[Image:Virginia Historical Society.jpg|thumb|280px|Virginia Historical Societyin Richmond]]428 North Blvd<br> Richmond, Virginia 23221-0311<br>Telephone: 804-358-4901<br>E-mail: [ Ask a Librarian form] <br>Website: [ Virginia Historical Society, Looking for People]
:They have more records for early West Virginia than in any West Virginia repository.<ref name="DB117" /> County records such as marriages, county court records, wills, censuses, land, militia lists, bounty lands, passenger lists, tax lists, poll lists, genealogies, newspapers, family Bibles, and African American genealogy. They have a card index to 10 million documents of the Old Dominion, that is Virginia, '''West Virginia''', and Kentucky.<ref name="DB97">Dollarhide and Bremer, 97.</ref> <ref>[ Looking for People] in ''Virginia Historical Society'' (accessed 7 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
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