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=== [[Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library]] ===
[[Image:Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library.jpg|thumb|280px|Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library, Lancaster, VA]]8346 Mary Ball Road<br> Lancaster, Virginia 22503<br> Telehone: 804-462-7280<br> Fax: 804-462-6107<br> E-mail: []<br>Website: [ Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library]
:A small library with a good name index to nearly every history book published in Virginia, '''West Virginia''', or Kentucky, including court records from 1651, indexes and abstracts, Virginia vital records, census records, county histories, biographies, church and cemetery records, family histories, newspapers, obituaries, vertical files, militia records, and fraternal organizations.<ref name="DB117" /> <ref>[ Genealogy and History Library] in ''Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library'' (accessed 7 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
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