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=== [[Library of Virginia]] ===
[[Image:Library of Virginia.jpg|thumb|280px|Library of Virginiain Richmond]]800 East Broad Street <br>Richmond, Virginia 23219-8000<br>Telephone: 804-692-3500 <br>Fax: 804-692-3556<br>E-mail: [ Contact Us] Select department to open dialog box<br>Website: [ Library of Virginia]
:The Library of Virginia is an important resource for pre-1863 '''West Virginia''' research. Their large genealogical collection has family Bibles, birth, marriages, deaths, divorces, histories, biographies, and newspapers. Many of their manuscripts are now online. The '''''General Library''''' contains printed materials, while the '''''Research and Information Services Division''''' consists of government records and other historical documents. Many collections are available '''''online''''', such as Confederate pensions, veterans and widows, an index to wills and administrations, Revolutionary War bounty land, and Virginia Land Office patents and grants.<ref name="DB97" /> <ref>[ Using the Collections] in ''Library of Virginia'' (accessed 7 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
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