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Return to&nbsp;the [[London Parishes St I-S]] page.  <br> St Katherine Coleman, the church of, is situated on the east side of Church Row,&nbsp;on the south&nbsp;side of Fenchurch Street&nbsp;about ten houses&nbsp; eastward of Mark Lane, with which it also communicates. It derives its name and addition from beinf dedicated to St Katherine, a virgin and martyr of Alexandria, and from being situated on a spot anciently called Coleman Haw. It is a very ancient rectory, as there are records of its being so in 1346. The old church was substantially repairedand a south aisle added in 1489,b Sir William White, then Lord Mayor of London. It escaped the great fire of 1666; but being very much out of repair, and much buried by the raising of the causeway in Fenchurch Street, it was pulled down in 1734, and the present church erected at the expense of the parish. It is a plain well-built church with a lofty&nbsp;nave, lighted&nbsp;with two rows of windows. The tower is square, and finished with embrasures, and the floor of the church is elevated several steps abor the levelof its surrounding churchyard.  This church was originally in the patronage of the Dean of St Martin-le-Grand, and so continued till that religious house, with all its appurtneances, was annexed tot he Abbey of Westminster, after which it fell to the ground, and the advowson was given by Queen Mary, in the first year of her reign, to the Bishop of London and his successors in that see for ever. The Advowson is still under the same patronage.  <br> [Adapted from:&nbsp;''Topographical Dictionary of London'' by James Elmes; published 1831]
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