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== Online Resources Federal Censuses=====Population Schedules===Starting in 1790, federal population schedules were taken every 10 years in the United States. [[United States Census|'''Click here for more information''']] about federal census records. <br><br>Hawai'i was annexed by the United States in 1898 and a territory in 1900. It became the fiftieth state admitted to the United States on August 21, 1959. It will not appear in the Federal census before 1900.
*[[======'''United States Census Federal Censuses with Online Genealogy RecordsLinks'''======{|United States Online Census, 1790class="wikitable" width= "70%" style="display: inline-1940]] table;"*[ Hawaii Census, 1900|-1910] ($)<br><br>
{!style="background:#cccccc; scope:col; width:"25%"| class1900!style="FCK__ShowTableBordersbackground:#cccccc; scope:col; width:"25%" border|1910!style="0background:#cccccc; scope:col; width:" cellspacing25%"|1920!style="1background:#cccccc; scope:col; width:"25%" cellpadding|1930|-|{{RecordSearch|1325221|FamilySearch}}<br> []|{{RecordSearch|1727033|FamilySearch}}<br> []|{{RecordSearch|1488411|FamilySearch}}<br> []|{{RecordSearch|1810731|FamilySearch}}<br> []|-!style="1" background:#cccccc; scope:col; width=:"6025%"|1940|-|{{RecordSearch|2000219|FamilySearch}}<br> []
| width="44%" | __TOC__ | valign="middle" | <center><font size="+1">'''Tips'''</font></center>*If at first you don't find a name, try again under [[Spelling Substitution Tables for the United States and Canada|another spelling]]. *[[Copying Sources|Photocopy]] each ancestor's census. Identify where you found it. *Look for an ancestor in '''''every''''' census during her or his lifetime. *On the [[Adding a Custom Event to a PAF Family Group Record|family group record]] show&nbsp;each person's census listings. *Study&nbsp;others in the same household, neighbors, and anyone with the similar names nearby on the census in [[Research a Family in Community Context|community context]]. <br> *For a list of the exact date of each federal census, [[Hawaii Censuses Existing and Lost|click here]].}
|}===Non-Population Schedules for Hawaii===Federal non-population schedules included such things mortality schedules, agriculture schedules, slave schedules, and manufacturing schedules. <br>There are no Federal non-population schedules for Hawaii.
== Online Hawaii indexes =Existing and images Lost Censuses===*[[Hawaii Censuses Existing and Lost|List of existing and lost federal censuses for Hawaii]]
{{==Online State and Territorial Censuses==State censuses are census records that were taken at the state-level rather than at the federal. Often, but not always, a state took their census in ten year increments 5 years from when the Federal Census was taken, such as 1885. State censuses can even serve as substitutes for missing federal censuses. For more information on state censuses, visit [ United States Census Bureau].<br><br>Territorial censuses were taken by the federal government to count the population in federal territories. The government needed to count the population in the territory to see if it could qualify for statehood. For more information on territorial censuses, visit the [[United States Census Territorial|US Territorial Census Online page]].<br><br>'''There were no state or territorial censuses taken for Hawaii}} . However, there were kingdom and republic censuses taken. See Other Census Images Below.'''
== Other Census Images =={| class="FCK__ShowTableBorders" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1wikitable" width="500" borderflexible="0display: inline-table;"|+ '''Federal Census Microfilms Available from the [[Family History Library|Family History Library]]''' |-| 1940 N/A | {{FHL|648370|title-id|disp=1910}}
! style="background:#cccccc; scope:col; width:flexible;" | {{FHLYear! style="background:#cccccc; scope:col; width:flexible;" |1037576|title-id|dispType of Census! style=1930}}"background:#cccccc; scope:col; width:flexible;"| {{FHL|649942|title-id|disp=1900 and Soundex}}Links
| {{FHL|558345|title-id|disp=1920&nbsp;and Soundex}}1896| Republic (Honolulu), all household members|} <br> at {{RecordSearch| class="FCK__ShowTableBorders" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" width="745" border="0"3040537|+ '''Federal Census Microfilms Available from the [[National Archives and Records Administration|National Archives]]''' FamilySearch}}
| 1940 N/A 1890| [ 1910 T624]&nbsp;Kingdom, all household members|at {{RecordSearch|3040537|FamilySearch}}
| [ 1930 T626] 1878| [ 1900 T623]&nbsp;Kingdom (Oahu, Maui and [ Soundex T1041]Hawaii), all household members|at {{RecordSearch|3040537|FamilySearch}}
| 1866|Kingdom (images only)|at [http 1920 T625420332 FamilySearch]&nbsp;and [ Soundex M1598]|
<br> == Federal population schedules == ==== Microfilm images ==== '''[[National Archives and Records Administration|National Archives]] Federal Census [ Non-Population Schedule ]Microfilms for Hawaii'''  *'''1930''' Agriculture census schedule ==== Indexes: fiche, film, or book ==== For a list of microform and book indexes for Why Use the population schedules of Hawaii, [[Hawaii Population Schedule Indexes: Fiche, Film, or Book|click here]] === State, territorial, republic, and kingdom Censuses === Hawaii took censuses in the years between the federal censuses, the dates are listed below. State census records may have columns that were different or more unusual than those found on federal censuses. The responses and years of coverage may give additional information on the family.  *'''1896''' Republic census. Honolulu only.<ref>Ann S. Lainhart, ''[ State Census Records]'' (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, 1992)[[{{Lainha}}]], 36.</ref><ref name="Croom">Emily Anne Croom, ''[ The Genealogist's Companion and Sourcebook]'' (Cincinnati, Ohio: Betterway Books, 1994)[[{{Croom}}]], 39.</ref><ref name="HBClatecensus">Hawaii, Bureau of Customs, "Census records, 1878-1896" (Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1977; Microfilm of originals made at the Archives of Hawaii, Honolulu)[[{{HBClatecensus}}]].</ref> *'''1890''' Kingdom census.</ref><ref name="Croom" /><ref name="HBClatecensus" /> *'''1878''' Kingdom census. Hawaii, Maui, Oahu only.</ref><ref name?="Croom" /><ref name="HBClatecensus" /> *'''1866''' Kingdom census. Mostly Maui.</ref><ref name="Croom" /><ref>Hawaii, Bureau of Customs, "Census file, 1840-1866" and "Census file, 1847-1896" (Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1976; Microfilm of originals made at the Archives of Hawaii, Honolulu)[[{{HBCCensus}}]].</ref> The 1878, 1890, and 1896 censuses are available at the Hawaii State Archives and the Family History Library (Family History Library films {{FHL|421797|title-id|disp=1010681-88}}). The Hawaii State Archives also has two "census files," 1840 to 1866 and 1847 to 1866, which contain miscellaneous records such as school censuses, population lists, and vital record summaries. The Family History Library has the 1840 to 1866 file on microfilm {{FHL|421789|title-id|disp=1009896 item 1-2}}. == Existing and lost censuses == For a list of available and missing Hawaii censuses, [[Hawaii Censuses Existing and Lost|click here]]. <br> === Why use a census? === A well-indexed census is can be one of the easiest ways to locate where an ancestor's family lived and when they lived there. You Information varies based on year and location, but information that may be included in a census can also use censuses to follow include: *Name of each person in the changes in a family over at the time, and identify neighbors. These and other clues provided by censuses are important because they help find additional kinds of records about the family. census was taken*Street or Avenue, or number Rural Free Delivery{{Template:Pros-HA}}*Sex *Age== More about censuses ==*Color*Nativity[[United States Census|Click here]] for additional details about how to use censuses, such as:  :*[[United States Census Searching|index searching tips]] Place of birth of this person:*[[United States Census Analyzing Census Data|analyzing and using what you find]] Place of birth of Father of this person:*[[United States Census Accuracy|census accuracy]] Place of birth of Mother of this person:*[[United States Census Historical Background|historical background]] Period of Residence:*[[United States Census#Contents_of_Federal_Censuses|contents How long a resident of various census this State (years and types]]months) == Sources *How long a resident of this enumeration district (years and footnotes ==months)*Regular occupation{{reflist}} *Military service
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