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The [[Columbus Ohio North Family History Center]] has a few resources in its collection for family history and genealogical research in Australia, Oceania, etc. The tables table below list lists places in Australia, Oceania, etc., with links to corresponding [[FamilySearch International | FamilySearch]] wiki pages. The tables table also provide provides links to displays of search results from the [[Introduction to the FamilySearch Catalog | FamilySearch Catalog]] for resources in the collection of the family history center. For ''Christmas Island'' and ''Cocos (Keeling) Islands'', see the [[Columbus Ohio North Family History Center/Resources for Asia | Resources for Asia]] page.
=== Australia, Oceania, etc. ===
| 996.6
| [[Palau Genealogy]]
| '''Papua New Guinea'''
| 995.3
| [[Papua New Guinea Genealogy]]
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