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| align="center" bgcolor="#66cccc" | '''Pay'''
| align="center" bgcolor="#99cccc" | '''Record Search''' <ref>[ '''Record Search'''], a rapidly expanding set of free online indexes and document images, including many United States federal and state censuses; part of FamilySearch.</ref> | align="center" bgcolor="#99cccc" | '''Family Search''' <ref>[ '''FamilySearch'''], a free online service of the [[Family History Library]], including an index of the 1880 federal census of the United States; connected with 1880 census images provided by, a subscription site.</ref>
| align="center" bgcolor="#99cccc" | '''Misc.'''
| align="center" bgcolor="#cccccc" | '''Heritage Quest''' <ref>[ '''HeritageQuest'''] has arranged with many [ subscribing public libraries] in the United States to allow users free access on home computers by means of their personal library card numbers. HeritageQuest provides images of all surviving 1790 to 1930 federal censuses, and indexes to many but not all of them.</ref> | align="center" bgcolor="#cccccc" | '''Footnote''' <ref>[ ''''''], a subscription site partnering with the National Archives and includes many federal censuses. Free access is available at many public libraries. New censuses are added frequently.</ref> | align="center" bgcolor="#cccccc" | '''Ancestry FHL&nbsp;ed.''' <ref name="ancest">'''''', a subscription site that provides online indexes and images to all surviving federal and many state census records, among other sources. They have three online editions: (1) an [ FHL edition] free only at the Family History Library and a few Family History Centers, (2) a [ slightly smaller] [ Library edition] free only at some public libraries, and (3) a [ Home edition] subscription service for individuals.</ref>| align="center" bgcolor="#cccccc" | '''Ancestry Library&nbsp;ed.''' <ref name="ancest" />| align="center" width="14%" bgcolor="#66cccc" | '''Ancestry Home&nbsp;ed.'''<ref name="ancest" />
| align="center" bgcolor="#ffff00" rowspan="2" | [[Florida Censuses Existing and Lost|partial '''1945&nbsp;State''']]
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