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Personal information
Denise Poulsen
Married to my eternal compianion companion Reese. As a blended family we have 5 daughters (all only 1 year apart), 5 sons-in-laws, 19 grandchildren and 39 foster sons.
Retired Family Therapist, Foster mom for 39 teenage foster sons, dog trainer and breeder. I have trained adults to use programs for the goverment on the east and south coast of USA. I created training manuels and implamented training programs for adults. I taught math and psychology at both high school and college levels. Due to some medical limitations, I have forgotten most of what I have studied and taught. I believe in the use it or lose it, so I am once again learning something new with the Wiki program.
Master Degree in Family Therapy from St. Martins College, OlympiaLacey, Washington
Moderator, Reviewer, editor, pagecreator, Administrators


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