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{{userboxtop|toptext=''about me''<br><br>}}Denise Poulsenboxes{{userboxbreak|toptext= Languages }} {{Collapsible list|Married to my eternal compianion Reese. As a blended family we have 5 daughters (all only 1={{UBXyear apart), 5 sons-in-lang| en }}laws, 19 grandchildren and 39 foster sons. Retired Family Therapist, Foster mom for 39 teenage foster sons, dog trainer and breeder|2={{UBX-lang| es }}|3={{UBX-lang| it }}Master Degree in Family Therapy from St. Martins College, Olympia, Washington}}{{userboxbreak|toptext=Conferences}}denisepoulsen@yahoo.commore boxes{{userboxbreak|toptext=Heritage}}I am using my behavior modification on dogs now, instead of all of my children and grandchildren.more boxes{{userboxbreak|toptext=Awards}}I braid wool rugs, kumihimo necklaces, weave rugs and Inkle braids.more boxes{{userboxbreak|toptext=''I play the end'' }}piano and organ at church {{userboxbottom}}Taught all primary classes, Sunday school classes, and Relief Society classes. I have played piano in all. Primary president.
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