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===== Editing with Wikitext =====
*Wikitext may seem a little scary at first because it looks unusual. If you are new to editing, just avoid the following characters <nowiki>[ { < and ] } ></nowiki> As you gain more experience, you will want to learn how to use these additional functions. But for now just stick with the text functions as given below and you will do fine.
*You can '''add space''' by pushing the Enter key.
*You can '''Bold text''' by typing three apostrophes in front of the text and three behind. For example <nowiki>'''BOLD'''</nowiki> results in '''BOLD'''.
*AdditionallyWhen you are ready, you can add '''[[Create an internal link|Internal links]]''' and '''see [[Create an external link|External linksHelp:Wiki markup]]'''for more editing possibilities.
See *Additionally, you can learn how to '''[[Help:Wiki markupCreate an internal link]] for more editing possibilities''' or '''[[Create an external link]]'''.
==== Mistakes ====
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