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added military unit names
*Kentucky: 1 Kentucky Infantry
*Louisiana: 1 Louisiana Infantry; 3 Louisiana Militia Infantry; 4 Louisiana Militia Infantry; 5 Louisiana Militia Infantry; 6 Louisiana Militia Volunteers; 3 Battalion Louisiana Volunteers; Mounted Battalion, Louisiana Volunteers;Blanchard's Independent Co., Louisiana Volunteers; Gally's Battalion Louisiana Militia Light Artillery, 1845; Markham's Co., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Militia  
*Maryland: Hughes' Maryland and District of Columbia Volunteers; Watson's Battalion, Maryland and District of Columbia Infantry
*South Carolina: Palmetto Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers
*Tennessee: 1 Tennessee Infantry;Wheat's Co., Tennessee Mounted Volunteers
*Texas: Gray's Company, Texas Mounted Volunteers; McCulloch's Company, 1 Regiment Texas Mounted Volunteers; Bell's Company, Texas mounted Volunteers; Bell's Regiment Texas Mounted Volunteers; Cady's Co., Texas Mounted Rangers; 1 Texas Mounted Volunteers; 2 Texas Mounted Volunteers; 3 Texas Mounted Volunteers; Sutton's Company, (2d Service), Texas Mounted Volunteers; 1 Texas Foot Rifleman;Seefield's Co., Texas Volunteers; Shiver's Company, Texas Volunteers; Gillespies' Company, Texas Mounted Rangers; Conner's Company, (1st Service), Texas Mounted Volunteers (6 Months, 1846); Chevallie's Battalion Texas Mounted Volunteers; Smith's Company, Texas Mounted Volunteers
*Virginia: 1 Virginia Volunteers
*Wisconsin: Knowlton's Company, Wisconsin Volunteers; Duncan's Co., Mounted Volunteers
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