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'''Breconshire''', formerly ''Brecknockshire&nbsp;''(Welsh: '''''Sir&nbsp;'''''[county or shire]&nbsp;'''''Brycheiniog''''') named for the 5th century Celtic king Brychein. &nbsp;One of the original thirteen historic counties of Wales, it was&nbsp;created following the Act of Union of 1535,&nbsp;bounded to the north by [[Radnorshire Genealogy|Radnorshire]], to the east by [[Herefordshire Genealogy|Herefordshire]] (England), to the south-east by [[Monmouthshire Genealogy|Monmouthshire]] and [[Glamorgan Genealogy|Glamorgan]], and to the west by [[Carmarthenshire Genealogy|Carmarthenshire]] and [[Cardiganshire Genealogy|Cardiganshire]]. <br>
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