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Blackburn St Mary is an&nbsp;ancient parish with chapelries totalling&nbsp;about 45. The following chart lists those chapelry and&nbsp;parish&nbsp;registers which have thus far been transcribed and posted online in some format. Click the years to view online data for each church for the pertinent years you are trying to search. Original parish registers,&nbsp;Bishop’s transcripts and some transcribed&nbsp;church records exist for this parish, and including additional records&nbsp;such as parish chest records.&nbsp; These are held at the Lancashire Record Office, in Preston, Lancashire or, be sure to view a [[Comprehensive List of Blackburn Chapelries and Parish|Comprehensive List of Chapels in Blackburn St Mary Parish]] (then click the link for each church which takes you directly to&nbsp;the Family History Library&nbsp;online catalog for available microfilms to original registers).<br>
Blackburn St Mary parish registers and those registers of all of its smaller chapelries lying within its boundaries have been mostly transcribed and are displayed online at the following web sites websites and ranges of years:
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